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How Well Do You Know: The Bourne Identity
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1. What does Giancarlo find embedded in Bourne's flesh?
Small plastic tube
Bullets and a small plastic tube
None of the above
2. What are the contents of the small plastic tube?
Assignment details from his failed assassination attempt
Bank account information
Safe house address
Weapons locker address
3. How many policemen does Bourne beat up in a Zurich park?
An entire station worth of them
Everyone on the first floor
4. What does Nykwana Wombosi want from the US government?
Blackmail money
His throne restored
To acknowledge the assassination attempt
To be overthrown
5. What is the name of the project which created Jason Bourne?
6. Jason Bourne's other pseudonyms do not include:
Foma Kiniaev
Gilberto do Piento
John Michael Kane
Peter Leupp
7. The bank where Bourne discovers his true identity is:
Capitol One
Credit Suisse
Union Bank of Switzerland
8. When trapped in the US embassy, what item does Bourne procure to secure his freedom?
Evacuation plans
All of the above
9. What item does Bourne drop during his escape from the embassy?
Evacuation plans
His red bag
10. How much money is Marie offered to drive her newfound fugitive friend to Paris?
11. Three fellow Treadstone operatives are sent to chase down Bourne. Which of these is not one of them?
The Professor
12. These three operatives are the representatives for all the European cities listed except:
13. What does Marie do when she gets nervous?
She changes her hair color
She licks her lips
She scratches her left shoulder
She talks too much
14. When proving his unique abilites to Marie, Bourne says everything but:
At this altitude, I can run for a while before my hands start shaking
I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside
I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab of the gray truck outside
The guy sitting up at the counter weighs 215 pounds and knows how to handle himself
15. Why does Jason say he can never forget about Marie?
Her orange hair is unforgettable
He's falling for her
She's the only person he knows
She has all his money
16. What unlikely weapon does Bourne use to defend himself against his first Treadstone opponent?
Ballpoint pen
Cordless phone
Number two pencil
17. How does Marie acquire the receipt from the hotel?
She beats up the front desk clerk
She flirts with the front desk clerk
She just asks for it
Sleight of hand
18. How many children does Eamon have?
One boy
One boy and one girl
One girl
Two girls
19. How does Bourne figure out that The Professor is nearby?
Broken branch
Gunfire off in the distance
Intercepted cell phone signal
Missing dog
20. What physical characteristic is the tell-tale sign of Treadstone operatives?
No blinking
Shaky hands
21. What is The Professor's dying quote?
Look at this
Look at what they make you give
They said 'Go to Paris'
We always work alone
22. When they finally meet in person, what is the first thing that Bourne says to Conklin?
Are you Treadstone?
Gun down
Who am I?
You move, you die
23. In the Bourne Idendity, what is Jason Bourne's real name revealed to be?
It isn't
David Webb
Jason Bourne
Paul Kay
24. Which film was not directed by The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman?
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
The Bourne Supremacy
25. The Bourne Identity received how many Academy Award nominations?

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