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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Two Bad Neighbors
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Live from the famous brown sands of Delaware, it’s the Grand Nationals of Sandcastle Building preview. Of the following, what was not cleared out to make way for painstaking sand preparation?
bikini girls
dune buggies
bonfire parties
daredevil surfing
Evergreen Terrace is having a rummage sale, which explicitly forbids
ceramic animals
salad spinners
cassette tapes
parcheesi sets
Good old Evergreen Terrace: the swankiest street in the classiest part of:
Homasote Orchard
Papercrete Dale
Pressboard Estates
Drywall Park
Who got his share of the action? And who doesn’t advertise?
Disco Stu
Sideshow Mel
Comic Book Guy
Rich Texan
Homer takes over the rummage sale commentary from Flanders. Who accompanies him on piano keyboard?
Barney Gumble
Kirk van Houten
Chief Wiggum
Professor Frink
What was the last thing Homer voted for, before he became deeply cynical?
Planters to bring back Cheez Balls
Dominos to introduce the pork-lovers pizza
Prell to go back to the old glass bottle
Pepsi to keep Crystal Clear Pepsi
The Simpsons have new neighbours – the Bush family. What is not George Bush’s forte?
sponge cake
What’s the cleverest thing Homer will ever say?
“Little strokes fell great bush.”
“Sounds like they cannot see the wood for the bush.”
“Why don’t you make like a bush and leave?”
“I guess you might say he’s barking up the wrong bush.”
George Bush doesn’t find a Krusty Burger sounds very appetising, so he asks the drive-thru what kind of _____ they have.
pot roast
Bart destroys President Bush’s memoirs. The shred of paper that we see reads
kept my promise / new taxes
Saddam Hussein / partnership against Iran
V.P. Quayle / embarrassment
achieved all my goals / no need for a second term
Homer and President Bush both want trouble. They’re going to get trouble. So they’re agreed there’s going to be trouble. Lots of trouble. So trouble it is then. What is not part of the ensuing trouble?
George Bush popping wheelies on the Simpson front lawn
gluing a rainbow wig on George Bush’s head before a speech on teen alcoholism
two hundred bottle rockets and George Bush doing toe touches
George Bush pouring sugar into the Simpson car’s gas tank
What would George Bush’s sons, George Bush Jr. and Jeb Bush, probably want?
their laundry done
to borrow the car
a letter of recommendation
a slice of Barbara’s blueberry buckle
What prank idea does Homer get from the Bible?
collapsing thy enemy's house to kill his offspring
What has Gorbachev brought for the Bushes as a housewarming gift?
sandwich grill
coffee maker
vegetable juicer
waffle iron
Another new neighbour for the Simpsons –Gerald Ford! What does Ford invite Homer over to eat while they drink beer and watch football?
hot dogs
chip and dip

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