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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily
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It’s class photo day, and Bart wants to celebrate the occasion by wearing:
a moustache
a monocle
Dracula fangs
a Mandinka mohawk
What alias does Homer use when visiting Springfield Bentley?
Count Homer
Earl Homer
Baron Homer
Don Homer
Bart got head lice thanks to the poor quality controls in place at:
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Pier 1
Crate & Barrel
Pottery Barn
What babies need the most attention?
neglected babies
spoilt babies
stupid babies
The Simpson kids are taken by Springfield Children’s Protection Agency to live with their new family, the Flandereses! They help produce the Flanders press, with the following headline – “Extra Extra ___________”
This Blows
Rod Needs Diapers
Todd Smells
Crap On This
Things are different at the Flanders’ place. For instance, nachos Flanders-style are made from:
cucumber and cottage cheese
non-salt saltines and yoghurt
buckwheat crisps and cheese paste
celery and tapioca
Bart and Lisa introduce Rod and Todd to Itchy and Scratchy. Flanders explains that the red stuff coming out of kitty’s ears is:
home-made ketchup
raspberry jam
strawberry Jell-O
liquefied brains
From the Simpsons residence, Homer thinks he can see Lisa – but it might be:
a cactus
a hat-rack
a starfish
Liza Minelli
What flavour of non-fat ice milk does Rod want?
carob chip
soy cream
Bart and Lisa reminisce about their days back with Homer and Marge. What does Bart remember?
Mom only dragging him to church on Sundays
Mom getting our favourite TV show banned
Mom microwaving their underwear on cold days
Mom spraying smiley faces on crackers with Cheez Whiz
What say we let our hair down and play Bombardment? Of Bible questions! Which version shall it be?
the King James Version
the Vulgate of St Jerome
the Family Gnostic Bible
the Hebrew National Bible
Everyone graduates from “Family Skills” except Marge, who tests positive for:
crystal meth and mescaline
crack and PCP
LSD and angel dust
amyl nitrate and mushrooms
What are described as being pretty much all the same?
children, even the Asian ones
high school educations
junk food, soda and cocaine
the major religions
After Homer takes a baptismal for Bart, he feels like:
St Ambrose of Milan
St Andrew the Apostle
St Augustine of Hippo
St Anthony of the Desert
Re-united, the Simpsons share a good old laugh at:
Ol’ Spanner Set Ned
Ol’ Painty-Can Ned
Ol’ Yard Tool Ned
Ol’ Jam-Makin’ Ned

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