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How Well Do You Know: Friends, S02E07: The One Where Ross Finds Out
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1. At the beginning of the episode, the gang informs Chandler that he has:
Gained weight
An addiction to smoking
A lazy eye
Forgotten to tie his shoes
2. Chandler has gained weight. After he has learned this, who decides that they would like to train him?
3. Monica tries some motivation when Chandler is doing sit-ups. What does she say she'll do if he does 5 more?
Kiss him
Clean his apartment
Give him a massage
Flash him
4. Phoebe is having some problems with her date Scott. What the issue?
He won't put out
He's not romantic enough
He always just wants to hang out with his friends
He's a little immature
5. Finish the quote: Rachel: "Oh yeah, c'mon, I'm movin' on. He can press her up against that window as much as he wants. For all I care, _______________________."
"clean her with it."
"slam her against it"
"he can throw her through the damn thing."
"ya know what, i don't care...bastard."
6. Ross and Julie are taking a big step in their relationship by planning to do what?
Move in together
Get engaged
Buy a cat
Buy a dog
7. It's buy a cat. Ross asks Monica if he can pick up her old cat's toy. What the full name of Monica's old cat?
Whiskers McGee
Fluffy Meowington
Furry Furball
Kitty the Kitty Cat
8. Rachel's date turns out to be awful because:
He's an alcoholic
Ross and Julie are two tables over
She gets stood up
She can't stop thinking about Ross and Julie getting a cat
9. Rachel leaves Ross a message and says that she is over him. She also suggests a name for their cat. What is it?
10. Why does Chandler say he's not running today?
He has just about had it!
He can't move his left side
Because it's's God's Day
He lost his shoes...
11. Where does Ross listen to his message that Rachel left for him?
At his apartment
At Monica and Rachel's apartment
At Joey and Chandler's apartment
At Central Perk
12. What is Joey watching when Phoebe comes to tell him that she finally slept with her boyfriend?
A informercial on car wax
A documentary of Albert Einstein
A rabbi playing an electric guitar
13. Ross and Rachel finally kiss. Where does this take place?
His apartment
Monica and Rachel's apartment
Joey and Chandler's apartment
Central Perk
14. Monica comes to Chandler's to work out at what time in the morning?
15. After Chandler sways Monica not to exercise, he tucks her in to sleep on his couch and then ______________.
Dances to his room
Grabs his shoes to go for a quick run
Leaves and goes and sleeps in her bed
Goes to take a shower

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