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How Well Do You Know: Sports Movies: Opponents in The Big Game
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1. The Big Game in For Love of the Game spanned the whole damned movie. The foe against whom Billy Chapel gave us one more day of summer plays in which MLB division?
NL Central
AL East
NL West
AL Central
2. The Las Vegas Dodgeball International Open was decided when a man named ________ was struck with a ball:
3. Scott de-wolfs during the Big Game at the end of Teen Wolf, as his Beavers defeat which red-clad foe?
The Dragons
The Monsters
The Lions
The Pythons
4. The "Big Game" in Tin Cup was the US Open, in which Roy McAvoy battled David Sims and his own personal demons. Tin Cup blew up, and Sims laid up. Do you know who actually won the Open in the film?
Lee Westwood
Ben Curtis
Craig Stadler
Peter Jacobsen
5. TC Williams beat this school to win the Virginia State Championship in Remember the Titans (in real life, the two played much earlier in the season):
Andrew Lewis
6. The red-clad team from ____________ broke our hearts by beating Permian at State in the film version of Friday Night Lights:
Plano Tech
Dallas Carter
Armarillo Christian
Arnett Mead
7. Daniel used the Crane Technique against Johnny to win the All Valley Tournament in The Karate Kid (1984). Which other member of the Cobra Kai was disqualified for putting Daniel "out of commission" as Kreese instructed?
8. The climax of The Replacements came when Washington faced off against a team whose players had all crossed back over the picket line. Which city did this team represent?
9. Arizona's Rod Tidwell appeared to be injured while making a spectacular touchdown-scoring touchdown against this team in Jerry Maguire:
Denver Broncos
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Pittsburgh Steelers
10. The 2004 film Miracle predictably used the US victory over the Soviet Union as its climax, noting virtually as a footnote that the team went on to win the gold against this country:
11. Daniel Ruettiger *finally* makes it into a game as Notre Dame hosts:
Michigan State
Georgia Tech
12. In Slap Shot, the Charleston Chiefs played their final playoff game against a team from Syracuse led by captain Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken. What was the nickname of the Syracuse team?
The Razors
The Bulldogs
The Beermakers
The Cavemen
13. Following the devastating plane crash in We Are Marshall, the Thundering Herd's first victory was a 15-13 win over this school:
Holy Cross
Boston College
14. At the end of The Waterboy, the fitting opponent of the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs was the University of Louisiana ______________________________, the team for whom Bobby Boucher was originally a waterboy.
Ragin' Cajuns
15. In the original 1992 film, the Mighty Ducks faced off at the championship against their nemesis, this team that also had an avian-based name:
The Hawks
The Eagles
The Buzzards
The Condors
16. In Days of Thunder, Cole Trickle outfoxed Russ Wheeler on the final lap to win:
The Southern 500
The Daytona 500
The Brickyard 400
The Coca-Cola 600
17. The Natural culminated in Roy Hobbs' heroic efforts against:
The Pirates
The Braves
The Dodgers
The Tigers
18. At the end of The Rookie, Jimmy Morris had his debut as a major league pitcher when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays faced:
Kansas City
19. Norman Dale's Hickory squad traveled to State to face a team from this city at the end of Hoosiers:
Fort Wayne
South Bend
Terre Haute
20. The ferocious and undefeated Minoso Torres was the final opponent to enter the ring in this boxing movie:
The Fighter
Cinderella Man
Rocky Balboa

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