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How Well Do You Know: Natural Born Killers
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1. Mickey goes to order pie at a diner. He had it before and didn't like it, but now he's a totally different person. What kind of pie did he order?
Key lime
Boston Cream
Lemon meringue
2. Mallory plays eeny-meeny-mine-mo to decide which victim to kill last. She says, "catch a _________ by the toe."
3. Mallory is very sensitive about being called what, because of her father?
Worthless c**t
Dumb ass
Stupid bitch
F@*#ing whore
4. Throughout the entire movie, Mickey refers to what as being the reason for everything?
The Devil
5. When Mickey is working with the horses in the prison farm. What serves as a distraction to aid in his escape?
Lightning storm
Runaway horses
Killer bees
6. What is the name of Wayne Gale's television show?
American Psychos
Murderers and Mayhem
American Maniacs
Killers of America
7. Mallory shoots and kills a Olympic bronze medalist from what sport?
Cross country running
Marathon cyclist
Pole Vaulting
8. At the motel, Mallory loves it when Mickey can read her mind. What *hasn't* Mallory been thinking about lately?
Settling down on a boat in a lake
Rolling in a sunflower patch
Cutting her hair short
Eating strawberries after strawberries till her face is stained red
9. When Mickey and Mallory first visit the Indian's home, what does the old man see about them right away?
No education
Too much TV
Dumb parents
10. Mickey and Mallory are very impressed by the Indian's pet. What does he have running loose in his house?
A coyote
Gila monsters
11. When Mickey accidentally kills the old Indian, the Indian tells them, "I was waiting for you." What does the Indian think they are?
The Devil
12. Detective Jack Scagnetti kills a hooker in a hotel. What was her cute name?
13. What is the name of the store Mickey and Mallory go to find the snake bite juice?
Drug Store
Drug Zone
World of Drugs
Sellmoor Drugs
14. What does Detective Scagnetti threaten to cut off of Mallory's, if Mickey doesn't give up?
Her ears
Her fingers
Her tits
Her tongue
15. Mallory is pretty dazed from the snake venom and being beaten up by the police. What song does she start singing while being handcuffed?
Ring of fire
This Land Is Your Land
These Boots Were Made for Walking
16. What is the reason that Scagnetti wanted to be a cop?
His mom was murdered
His father was a cop
He wants to make the world a safer place
His sister was killed by a escaped lunatic
17. They can't fry Mickey and Mallory in prison. They always kill somebody else, and have to start the legal process over again. Who have they killed in prison?
6 inmates, 3 guards, 1 delivery worker
3 inmates, 5 guards, 1 psychologist
7 inmates, 4 guards, 1 priest
9 inmates, 2 guards, 2 doctors
18. When the warden McClusky wants to take a inmate down, what does he do to them?
Puts them in a nose hold
Punches them in the pelvis
Elbows them in the jaw
Puts them in a sleeper hold
19. Who does Mickey consider to be the king?
Jeffery Dahmer
The Terminator
The Devil
20. What is the total amount of people that Mickey and Mallory kill?
21. Scagnetti should have known not to mess with Mallory. He is shocked when she took a lit cigarette and put it out how:
On her tongue
On her thigh
Between her fingers
By stepping on it with her bare feet
22. Mickey distracts the prison guards. Hes escapes with a joke and a:
Hot cup of coffee
Can of RC soda
Granola bar
23. Mallory wounds Wayne Gale so the police will take her seriously. Where does she shoot him?
His shoulder
His hand
His leg
His ear
24. The director's cut is A LOT more bloody than the theatrical version of the film. In the director's cut, what do they do to Warden McClusky?
Hang him
Stick him in the dryer
Chop him in pieces
Throw him in the oven
25. How does Mallory plan on escaping from the law with Mickey at the end of the movie?
Hijacking a Greyhound bus
Hitchhiking their way to Australia
Disguising themselves as carnies
Through the underground railroad

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