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How Well Do You Know: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
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1. Describing the town of Endora is like what?
A rainbow with no color
Dancing to no music
Swimming with no water
Chewing cardboard
2. What state is Endora in?
3. How many children are there in the Grape family?
2 girls, 2 boys
3 girls, 3 boys
2 girls, 3 boys
3 girls, 2 boys
4. Gilbert works at Lamson's grocery store. Where does everybody else shop at?
Food World
Food Land
Grocery Land
Food Mart
5. What happened to the last place Amy worked?
It went bankrupt
It moved to Des Moines
It burned down
It was bought out
6. How many years has it been since momma left the house?
7. What reason does Mr. Lamson think people are shopping at Food Land?
Jello salad
The mojos
8. Gilbert is having an affair with Mrs. Carver. What does her husband, Mr. Carver, do for a living?
He sells insurance
He accountant
He is a public defender
He is a bank manager
9. What song does Gilbert sing to Arnie to get him down from the water tower?
Pop Goes the Weasel
Shave and a Haircut
Old McDonald Had a Farm
Match in the Gas Tank
10. Gilbert's friend Bobby is very unhappy about his line of work. Why is he so unhappy?
There are no people to arrest
There's no fires to put out
Nobody's dying
Nobody's buying new homes
11. How does Mr. Grape kill himself?
Jumps off a bridge
Hangs himself
Shoots himself
12. What type of food is Mrs. Grape worried about Amy making at Arnie's birthday?
Vienna sausages
Bean dip
13. What does Gilbert's sister Ellen do to make him so mad that he tries to run her over with his truck?
Flips him off
Tells their mom on him
Calls him a a$$hole
Throws a shoe at him
14. Who does Becky travel all over America with?
Her sister
Her aunt
Her mom
Her grandma
15. How does Mr. Carver die?
Accidental poisoning
Accidental drowning
Accidentally falls and breaks his neck
Accidental electrocution
16. Want ISN'T one of the things Gilbert says he wants, when asked by Becky?
For his mom to go jogging
To be a good person
A new house
A new brain for Arnie
17. What is the name of the sheriff that arrests Arnie?
18. Ellen gets mad at children for laughing at her mother. What does she throw at them?
A rock
A potato
A shoe
19. Gilbert's friend Tucker is very excited. In fact, the best thing that ever happened to him is a job opportunity to do what?
Making keys
Cleaning carpets
Working in fast food
Delivering pizzas
20. Gilbert is furious with Arnie and slaps him. What DIDN'T Arnie do to make Gilbert mad?
Gets into his cake
Pulls Gilbert's hair
Won't take a bath
Accidentally kick him "there"
21. What DOESN'T Tucker fix or suggest be fixed in the Grape house?
22. What was Mrs. Grape most worried about being called?
A burden on her children
A selfish person
A joke
An embarrassment for her kids
23. Mrs. Grape calls Gilbert her knight in _______ armor?
24. Who finds Mrs. Grape dead?
25. The police who are called out to Mrs. Grape's death, make a mean remark. What do they say will they need to remove her from the house?
A bulldozer
The army
The national guard

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