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How Well Do You Know: Friends, S02E06: The One with the Baby on the Bus
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1. Ben starts to cry every time who holds him?
2. It's Monica. Joey and Chandler use what to imitate Ben crying around her?
A pot
A basket of fruit
A basketball
A melon
3. It's a basketball, and in return Monica takes it and:
Throws it at Joey
Throws it at Chandler
Throws it out the window
Pops it
4. Ross is eating some pie when he has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. What ingredient?
5. Which one of the following is Ross NOT allergic to?
6. When Joey says that he and Chandler would be more than happy to watch Ben, what does Chandler say?
"I had a different answer already made up!"
"More than happy to? Really?"
"A baby? No no no no...i'm not good, im not, im not good with infants."
"I was looking forward to playing basketball, but I guess that's out the window"
7. Meanwhile, Rachel has to break what bad news to Phoebe?
A new musician is coming in to take Phoebe's spot
Her grandma died
Rachel accidentally broke her guitar
They ran out of hot chocolate
8. Ross is terribly afraid of needles and suggests what to the doctor?
That it will go away on it's own
Squirt the medication into his mouth
He give himself the needle at home
That he's fine
9. After Ross's shot, Monica has to get an x-ray of what?
Her foot
Her head
Her hand
Her arm
10. Trying to one up the new musician, Phoebe asks her if her guitar has what?
Colorful strings
A case
A strap
11. When Stephanie takes the stage, we hear a snippet of Phoebe's song she's singing. What is it?
"And I'll watch it burn!"
"And they can all kiss my..."
"You're all invited to bite me!"
"She stole my show! She stole my show! Hey!"
12. Joey and Chandler accidentally leave Ben on a bus...(duh name of the episode). When they arrive at Transit Authority they come across two babies sporting what on their outfits?
Monkeys and Giraffes
Sharks and Dolphins
Clowns and Ducks
Cats and Dogs
13. Who plays the kid who dropped a condom in Phoebe's guitar case and will later guest star as her brother?
Hank Azaria
Giovanni Ribisi
David Arquette
William Lee Scott
14. How does Ross find out that Joey and Chandler left Ben on a bus?
Transit Authority called them to make sure they got home safely
Monica accidentally let it slip in front of Ross
Ben's diaper was stamped "Property of Human Services"
They brought home the wrong baby
15. How does Chandler stop Ross from approaching and helping Joey to escape?
Squirting water at him
Throwing peanuts at him
Holding up the Kiwi Lime Pie
Hugging him very tightly

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