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How Well Do You Know: The 2011 Oscars
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1. For which of these awards was Best Picture winner The King's Speech nominated, but did not win?
Supporting Actor
Original Screenplay
Lead Actor
2. ABC put together a cracker-jack team to fill its red carpet program with high-octane entertainment. Which of the following was not part of the hosting triumvirate?
Maria Menounos
Robin Roberts
Tim Gunn
Billy Bush
3. As the show proper opened, hosts Hathaway and Franco were inserted into a series of scenes from Best Picture contenders. A segment from which film appeared first?
The Fighter
The Social Network
127 Hours
4. James Franco's grandmother: "I just saw ________!"
Marky Mark
A hobbit
5. The woman who won Lead Actress did so for her portrayal of:
Ree Dolly
Becca Corbett
Nic the lesbian obstetrician
Nina Sayers
6. "The moral of the story is: listen to your mother." Good advice, indeed, which closed out the acceptance speech by the winner for:
Original Score
Foreign Language Film
Best Director
Sound Editing
7. This film went down as winning the first Oscar of the evening, as it took home the award for Art Direction:
Alice in Wonderland
True Grit
The King's Speech
8. The audience was trying not to yell out "they're on your head!" as this winner took the stage with his glasses on his forehead, and probably wondered why his view of the audience was so blurry:
Wally Pfister (Cinematography)
Aaron Sorkin (Adapted Screenplay)
Rick Baker (Makeup)
Lee Unkrich (Animated Feature)
By way of explanation.....
(Thanks to Reagen Sulewski for this question)
9. Non-nominated supporting actors who appeared in which two Best Picture nominees presented the awards for the animated films?
Inception and The Fighter
True Grit and The King's Speech
Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right
The Social Network and Black Swan
10. The pair that presented the screenplay awards sported this eye-catching fashion choice:
Matching fezzes
Tweed sports coats
White tuxedo jackets
Matching "I'm With Stupid" T-shirts
11. David Seidler, in accepting the Original Screenplay Oscar, stated: "I would like to thank Her Majesty the Queen for not putting me in the Tower of London for using the _______ f-word."
Melissa Leo
Christian Bale
Russell Brand
Tom Hanks
12. The Foreign Language Film Oscar went to an offering from:
13. The first film to win an acting award for the night was:
The Kids Are All Right
Black Swan
The King's Speech
The Fighter
14. Christian Bale was mildly booed when he plugged a __________ during his acceptance speech:
Web site
Computer manufacturer
Comic book title
Political cause
15. The memorable score from this film was the first to be played in an audio montage that served as a prelude to the Original Score award:
Lawrence of Arabia
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars
The Bridge Over the River Kwai
16. The odds of Marilyn Manson one day winning an Academy Award inched closer to reality this year, as the guru behind this extreme musical act took home an Oscar:
Rage Against the Machine
Insane Clown Posse
Nine Inch Nails
Pussycat Dolls
17. This was the first film to win an Oscar in three categories during the awards presentation:
The Social Network
The Fighter
The King's Speech
18. This hottie appeared briefly to recall presenting the Academy's Sci-Tech ("Congratulations, nerds!") Awards:
Diane Lane
Jessica Alba
Scarlett Johansson
Marisa Tomei
19. Original Song nominees were performed by each of the following, except for:
Randy Newman
Gwyneth Paltrow
Jennifer Hudson
Mandy Moore
20. Launching into a refreshing acceptance speech, Luke Matheny (Live Action Short, God of Love) bemoaned the fact that he hadn't gotten a/n:
Prescription for anti-anxiety medicine
Invitation to any post-show parties
21. What was the name of the Twilight segment included in the odd mid-show auto-tune feature?
Abs but No Heart
He Doesn't Own a Shirt
We All Sparkle
Oddly Pale Male
22. Some dude called attention to the fact that certain individuals hadn't been jailed, and then wanted it on the record that he wasn't wearing jeans (?). Said dude was accepting the Oscar in which category?
Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction
Film Editing
Documentary Feature
23. According to Billy Crystal, as soon as the camera was off him, Bob Hope:
Flipped him off
Flashed him
Mooned him
Flicked a lit cigar at his forehead
24. The recipient of this award noted that he/she won for only the second time after 20 nominations...and then the speech went to some rather odd places:
Film Editing
Original Song
Costume Design
Art Direction
25. Whose face appeared last in the In Memoriam segment?
Lynn Redgrave
Leslie Nielsen
Pete Postlethwaite
Lena Horne
26. Anne Hathaway introduced this person who introduced the person who introduced the Best Director Oscar:
Hilary Swank
Halle Berry
Reese Witherspoon
Cate Blanchett
27. Three of these Governors Awards recipients appeared to take a bow on stage. Who was stated to be the fourth honoree who declined to attend?
Eli Wallach
Kevin Brownlow
Jean-Luc Godard
Francis Ford Coppola
28. As noted by a previous honoree, the recipient of the Lead Actor Oscar was one third of a triangle of:
Saucy blokes
The Wolfpack
29. A soliloquy from this film played over the presentation of the ten Best Picture nominees prior to Steven Spielberg announcing the award:
The King's Speech
The Social Network
True Grit
30. "It's not the load that breaks you down, It's the way you carry it." This quotation appeared:
On the shirts of the children singing Over the Rainbow at the end of the program
During the presentation of the Original Screenplay nominees
At the beginning of the In Memoriam segment
At the end of the Lena Horne tribute

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