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How Well Do You Know: Dear John
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1. John, in a voice-over that opens the film, says that after being shot in the line of duty, the first thing he thinks of is:
his dog
a surfboard
ocean waves
2. John and Savannah first meet when:
she crashes a party he is having on the beach
he nearly hits her with his car while speeding to his father's house
her car runs out of gas and he stops to help her
he jumps in the water to retrieve her purse, which has fallen into the ocean
3. John is offered a ride home by Savannah's friend Tim and his son Alan, who are off to get ice cream. Tim tells John that:
Savannah has just gotten out of an abusive relationship that messed with her head
if he hurts Savannah, Tim will break his leg
Alan considers Savannah to be his second mother
he has a smokin' hot body
4. Savannah asks to be introduced to John's father. Much to John's surprise, they bond immediately over:
baby pictures of John
his father's coin collection
the classic Mustang sitting in the front yard
a pan of lasagna sitting on the kitchen table
5. Savannah shows a John a little pet project she's been working on. What is it?
restoring a classic car
indexing every movie she has ever seen
knitting blankets for donation to a local hospital's nursery
building a house for a needy family
6. Goody-two-shoes Savannah says her one "fault" is:
sleeping around
loving too much
thinking impure thoughts about John
7. Ahh, gotta love montages. (~Even Rocky had a montage!~) What does not happen during John and Savannah's few weeks together?
he teacher her to surf
she eats dinner at his house, along with her father
they go stargazing
he helps her build the house she's been working on
8. John and Savannah get into a fight when Savannah suggests that:
his father is autistic
he leave the Army and move in with her
his temper gets out of control at times
they wait to sleep together until after he leaves the Army
9. An enraged John accidentally punches _____________ after intentionally punching Savannah's friend Randy at a beach party.
his father
10. What does John's father make for dinner every Sunday?
chicken soup
ham and beans
11. In one of her many letters to John, Savannah tells him she's decided what she wants to do with her life. Her dream is to:
continue to build houses for Habitat for Humanity
open a summer camp for autistic children
become a military wife
run her parents' farm and become a horse breeder
12. Savannah asks John's father a question that he indirectly won't answer, so John tells her the answer. What is the question?
What happened to his wife/John's mother?
Why does he only cook lasagna on Sundays?
What is the story behind his favorite coin?
What is his objection to John's serving in the Army?
13. What puts into question whether John will leave the Army when his current tour of duty is over, as he had originally planned?
The events of 9/11/01
Savannah's house burning to the ground
his father dying in a car accident
Savannah's declaration that she no longer wants a long-distance relationship
14. Wow, talk about classin' it up! After a get-together at her parents' house, John and Savannah spend some, uh, quality time together during his weekend off, in:
the back of a pickup truck
a sleazy motel
an airport bathroom
a horse stable
15. After a long time between letters, Savannah finally writes John. What does she say?
she's engaged
she's pregnant
she's been spending a lot of time with her friend Randy
John's father has died
16. After hearing the news of Savannah's engagement, John extends his tour numerous times. Eventually he is sent home when:
he hears Savannah is now divorced
his bullet wounds don't heal properly and he needs more surgery
his father has a stroke
Savannah asks him to return home
17. John visits Savannah after his father's death, and discovers she is married to:
nobody - she lied about the engagement
18. Savannah married Tim after....what?
Tim is diagnosed with cancer
Savannah's mother dies
Alan nearly dies getting trampled by a horse
Savannah has a miscarriage
19. After staying for dinner, John and Savannah:
spend the night together
look at the letters he sent to her over the years
sit on the porch and look at the stars
play Monopoly with Alan
20. Why does John sell his father's coin collection?
He wants to have enough money to never work again
He wants Savannah to have enough of a savings so she can leave Tim
He wants Tim and Savannah to be able to obtain the experimental drug that would give him more time
He wants to be able to send Alan to summer camp until he is an adult

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