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How Well Do You Know: It's Complicated
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1. As the film opens, Jane and Jake have been divorced:
10 years
5 years
20 years
1 year
2. Jane has to go through this life change at the beginning of the film:
Her mother has just died
She's retiring
The last of her kids move out of her house
She has just learned she has cancer
3. Jane meets Adam the charming architect when:
She wants to add an addition to her house
She wants to expand her business office
She wants to build a new house
She wants to build a horse barn on her property
4. Jane and Jake meet up and unexpectedly get it on during a trip to New York. What was the purpose of the trip?
Their son's graduation
Their daughter's wedding
An old friend's anniversary party
A funeral of a mutual friend
5. In the film, Jake is undergoing treatment for this medical problem:
Heart condition
Receding hairline
Fertility issues
6. This is Jane's reaction on the "morning after:"
She confesses to Jake that she's not over him
She runs from the room, naked and screaming
She reacts angrily at Jake, throwing objects at him
She vomits
7. We learn that when Jane can't sleep, she makes:
Origami unicorns
Flower arrangements
Hot chocolate
Ice cream
8. After they have slept together a few times, it's safe to say:
Jane is much more into it that Jake
Jake is much more into it than Jane
Both are very receptive to the possibility of a relationship
Both are very lukewarm towards the possibility of a relationship
9. Though they've slept together a few times, Jake is annoyed/amused that Jane:
Won't let him see her naked
Won't tell him he loves her
Showers after they have sex
Makes Jake shower before they have sex
10. Adam reveals to Jane that his marriage came to an end:
On his 10th wedding anniversary
At the end of a trip to Italy
At a high school reunion
The day that he started his own practice
11. Jane receives tacit approval to pursue the relationship with Jake from:
Her kids
Her therapist
A radio call-in show host
The women on The View
12. Feeling free to pursue the relationship, Jane calls Jake to arrange a rendezvous at a hotel. Where is he when she makes the call?
In bed with Agness
At the office
On a golf course
At fertility clinic
13. Who see Jake and Jane check into the hotel together?
Jane's future son-in-law Harley
Jane's daughter
Jane's girlfriend
14. Jake's collapse at the hotel reveals that he is on what type of medication?
Anti-anxiety pills
15. Adam buys tickets to __________ for Jane - but she declines to spend an evening with Jake:
A hot-air balloon race
A French film festival
The opening of a new art gallery
A basketball game
16. Jake stands Jane up on the evening she had cooked for him. Why?
He completely forgets
His car breaks down
Agness is ovulating
His stepson has a medical emergency
17. Jane and Adam attend a party at which they are decidedly:
Very late
Abusive toward Jake
18. At the party, Adam sees the large, ornate tattoo that Agness has on her shoulder. What does the tattoo depict?
A rose
A mountain
A tiger
A fertility symbol
19. Each of the following takes a hit of the mary jane in the bathroom at the party except for:
20. At the party, the following realization is made:
Harley realizes that Jane is in love with Jake
Agness realizes that Jake is in love with Jane
Adam realizes that Jane is in love with Jake
Jake realizes that Jane isn't in love with him
21. Jane takes Adam to her bakery where she makes this treat for him:
Chocolate croissant
Bear claws
A croquembouche
Blueberry muffins
22. After Jake leaves Agness, he crashes with Jane and the whole family partakes in:
Bridge night
Movie night
Monopoly night
Charades night
23. Adam gets a big old eye full of Jake via webcam. What had Jane and Adam been doing by webcam before the incident?
Jane was trying to seduce Adam
Adam was showing Jane new plans for the addition
Discussing French poetry
Adam was trying on clothes
24. Jane goes over to see her three kids, understandably weirded out by the revelations of their parents' situation. She finds the three of them:
Huddled in bed together
Hiding in the attic
Tearing up old photo albums
Watching home movies
25. The final scene between Jane and Jake show the couple talking things over:
In her bakery
On a swing
In a park
Overlooking the ocean

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