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How Well Do You Know: Moonstruck
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1. Our first introduction to Loretta Castorini shows her hard at work for some local businesses, including an undertaker and a florist. What does Loretta do?
cleaning person
2. Loretta's boyfriend Johnny Cammareri proposes marriage while they are at a local Italian restaurant. Loretta wants Johnny to kneel down and present her with a ring so they can "do it right" - but Johnny doesn't have an engagement ring for her. What does he use instead?
a piece of calamari
his pinkie ring
a twist tie fashioned into the shape of a ring
one of Loretta's hoop earrings
3. While at the airport, before his trip to see his dying mother, Johnny gives Loretta a task. What is it?
find a nice church to marry in and make a reservation
buy a plane ticket and meet up with him in Italy so she can meet his mother before she dies
call his estranged brother and invite him to the wedding
tell her parents of her plans to marry, since she'd likely keep it a secret
4. Loretta tells her parents that she is engaged to Johnny. Loretta's father Cosmo is angry at this news, as he feels Loretta will bring bad luck to this marriage, and he doesn't like Johnny. Loretta's mother Rose seems relieved to hear Loretta admit that:
she does not love Johnny
she and Johnny will live with Cosmo and Rose after they are married
she wants to give her parents a grandchild
she does not want her parents to pay for the wedding
5. Loretta calls Johnny's brother Ronny and he hangs up on her. Infuriated, she goes to see him in person at his business, a:
butcher shop
flower shop
dry cleaner's
6. Johnny angrily relates his story of heartbreak and brotherly bad blood to Loretta. What physical reminder of this time in his life does he show to Loretta?
an empty eye socket
a burned leg
a missing tooth
a wooden hand
7. Loretta and Ronny compare their tales of woe and unluckiness while talking in private at Ronny's place. How did Loretta's first husband die?
lung cancer
stabbed in a bar fight
heart attack while jogging
hit by a bus
8. Loretta tries to explain Johnny's romantic tale of woe to him as she sees it, comparing him to what animal?
9. Loretta spends the night with Ronny, and regrets her actions the next morning. She tells Ronny she never wants to see him again (despite his declaration that he's in love with her), and Ronny tells her that he will not show up at her and Johnny's wedding if she - what?
sleeps with him one more time
goes to the opera with him
goes to Italy with him for support so the brothers can mend their feud
admits to Johnny that she slept with Ronny
10. How does Loretta prepare for her date at the opera with Ronny?
she spends the day working
she prays
she gets a makeover
she calls Johnny to make sure he still wants to get married
11. What opera do Loretta and Ronny see at the Met?
Madame Butterfly
La Boheme
12. Rose Castorini goes out to eat (alone) but winds up with a dinner companion when a fellow patron's young date leaves him. Rose asks this man a question she's been wondering - what is it?
Why do older men seem to have a thing for younger women?
Why do men chase women?
Does dating a younger woman make an old man feel younger?
Can a professor get reprimanded for dating a student?
13. Who sees Rose Castorini walking home from the restaurant with her dinner companion and instantly gets the wrong impression?
her husband Cosmo
her father-in-law
her brother Raymond
14. Loretta leaves the opera knowing one piece of information she didn't know going in, after a chance meeting with a familiar face. What is it?
Her father is having an affair
Johnny was home from Italy
Her aunt and uncle are opera season ticket holders
Ronny's ex-fiancee wants him back
15. Loretta, who is, uh, busy with Ronny, doesn't realize that Johnny has arrived home early and is waiting for her at the Castorini house. What news does Johnny share with Rose while waiting for Loretta to come home?
He's bought Loretta a proper engagement ring
He is not in love with Loretta
His mother has recovered
He misses his brother and is thinking of heading over to his apartment to reconcile
16. Rose asks Johnny why a man would need to chase more than one woman - and loves the answer he gives, as it is identical to her answer. What is it?
because he's easily bored
why not?
because he's a glutton for punishment
because he fears death
17. Cosmo's father comes downstairs the next morning and tells Cosmo there's something he needs to get off his chest. What is it?
He tells Cosmo he saw Rose walking home with another man
He says Cosmo must pay for the wedding of his only daughter
He tells the family he only has months left to live
He tells Cosmo that he's moving into a retirement home so as not to burden the family
18. While the entire rest of the family (and Ronny) wait in the Castorini kitchen for Johnny to arrive, Raymond and Rita Cappomaggi arrive in a panic. Why are they so worried?
The deposit Loretta was supposed to make at the bank the previous day was not made
They saw Johnny rushing to the house and thought the family might want to be warned he's on his way
They had heard Loretta hadn't arrived home the previous night and thought something might have happened to her
They had received a phone call from Rose the night before asking about Cosmo's whereabouts and thought there might be trouble
19. What reason does Johnny give for why he can't marry Loretta?
He can't share a girl with his brother
He doesn't want to be tied down at his age
If he marries her, his mother will die
He wants his pinky ring back
20. Ronny needs something of Johnny's after proposing to Loretta, mere seconds after Johnny breaks off HIS engagement to Loretta. What is it?
Johnny's blessing
Johnny's pinkie ring
money for the wedding
his mother's phone number

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