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How Well Do You Know: An Affair to Remember
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1. Where do Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay first meet?
in a New York City crosswalk
in a nightclub
in a hospital's waiting room
aboard a cruise ship
2. Nickie and Terry first meet when Terry finds something of Nickie's and he asks for it back. What did Nickie lose?
his sunglasses
his cigarette case
his wallet
his handkerchief
3. Nickie responds to Terry's rejection by:
taking her out to dinner
crying in his room
picking up another woman in the restaurant
kissing her
4. Before Terry met her fiance, she made a living as:
an actress
a nightclub singer
a model
a teacher
5. Shortly after Terry and Nickie go their separate ways to avoid others getting the 'wrong impression', Terry asks Nickie for his help in:
retrieving her watch that has just fallen onto the deck below
getting a little boy out from a bannister, as he has "tangled himself up"
zipping up the back of her dress
finding her engagement ring, which she has misplaced somewhere in her room
6. Terry and Nickie meet up separately at the bar and wind up ordering the same drink. What is it?
pink champagne
ice cold beer
gin and tonic
7. The ship docks in Villefranche, and Nickie invites Terry to join him as he "calls on a lady". Who is the lady?
his daughter
his grandmother
his mother
his ex-fiancee
8. While having a heart-to-heart with Nickie's grandmother, Terry learns of Nickie's hidden talent - what is it?
furniture designer
9. Despite their attempts to keep their love hidden from the others on the ship, Terry and Nickie realize they've been found out when:
they see a newspaper article mentioning their love
a fellow passenger congratulates them on finding each other
they are asked to autograph pictures of the two of them alone in "private"
they are seen kissing by the ship's captain
10. What do Nickie and Terry agree to do before meeting up again in 6 months?
work for a living, as they are both living off of their spouses' money
get in better physical shape
move to Boston so they are living in the same city
marry their current spouses
11. Terry's spouse figures out she's in love with Nickie after seeing her reaction to:
a newspaper article announcing Nickie's engagement
a TV interview with Nickie and his fiancee
the news that Nickie is now married
a telegram from Nickie
12. Nickie tries to make a living as an artist, but is having trouble selling his paintings. His friend believes he'd sell more paintings if he used his real name, but Nickie insists on signing the paintings using the pseudonym:
13. Poor Nickie, he's left waiting for Terry at the top of the Empire State Building. Why doesn't she show?
she's decided not to meet him
she is hit by a vehicle on her way to see him
she had the incorrect meeting date
she has decided to marry her ex-fiance, Ken
14. Nickie travels to his grandmother's house after her passing. What did his grandmother leave for Terry?
one of Nickie's paintings
her tea kettle
a crystal vase
a shawl
15. After her accident, Terry finds a job as:
a school's music teacher
a dancer
a voiceover actress for television commercials
a painter
16. Months after their ill-fated attempt at meeting, Terry and Nickie run into each other at:
the movies
an art gallery
the ballet
the post office
17. Nickie, unaware that Terry is wheelchair-bound, retrieves for her something she'd dropped at the ballet. What is it?
her glasses
her shawl
her program
her clutch purse
18. After seeing Terry at the ballet, Nickie goes to visit her the next day to find out why she didn't meet him. What day is it?
New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
Christmas Day
19. Although she never mentions it to him, Nickie figures out that Terry is unable to walk while talking to her about:
a picture he had painted of her and his grandmother
seeing her at the ballet the previous night
why she didn't marry Ken
why her apartment was ground-level
20. Terry, to Nickie: "If you _____________, I can walk!"
marry me
can paint
stay here forever
wait for me

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