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How Well Do You Know: Brokeback Mountain
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1. We are first introduced to Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist in which year?
2. Shortly after receiving job instructions from their boss, Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist go to a bar and get to know each other a bit. Jack informs Ennis that while ranching beats working for his father, his real passion is:
breeding horses
ballroom dancing
working on oil rigs
3. While up on Brokeback, Ennis encounters a bear and his spooked horse bucks him off and runs away. Ennis has a facial laceration as a result, but is more bothered by the fact that:
the bear tries to attack him after the horse has run away
most of the food and supply order he was bringing back is now lost
he is lost and can't find his way back to the camp site
the horse ran away with his rifle
4. So, now most of their food is gone and Jack and Ennis need to find a way to procure some as Jack refuses to continue eating beans. What does Ennis help Jack do?
steal some food from neighboring workers
kill some of the sheep they are supposed to be herding
drive into town and buy more food and supplies at the local grocer
shoot an elk
5. The quiet, withdrawn Ennis finally opens up to Jack, discussing:
life with his girlfriend Alma and his desire to start a family with her
his desire to do something bigger with his life than ranching
life with his siblings after the death of his parents
his love of whiskey
6. So, Jack is supposed to be staying at the campsite and Ennis should be sleeping with the sheep, but that doesn't happen one night. What is the cause of events that leads Ennis to share a tent with Jack?
Ennis is too drunk to go back down the mountain to the sheep
The sheep have been brought up to the camp site
Jack and Ennis decide to hunt for more elk that night
It is raining outside and Ennis wants to sleep "indoors" for the night
7. After secretly witnessing Ennis and Jack being...overly friendly, boss Joe Aguirre ends the job a month early so they are no longer needed. What is his excuse for no longer needing the services of Jack and Ennis?
too many sheep have died under their watch
a storm is coming in
he doesn't have the money to pay them for the whole summer
he's not going to pay them to have their own brand of "fun"
8. Post-Brokeback, Ennis marries Alma and has two daughters with her. Jack meets, marries and starts a family with Lureen, a rodeo rider who he first meets when:
he returns the cowboy hat that fell off while she was riding
she asks a rodeo clown to introduce her to Jack
she "accidentally" bumps into him at a bar, knocking him on to the floor
her boyfriend asks Jack to give her pointers about her last ride
9. Alma gets a glimpse of Ennis's explosive temper during a _____________ family outing.
4th of July
New Years Eve
10. Alma tells Ennis that he's received a post card from someone named Jack. After she asks how they know each other, Ennis tells her that he and Jack were:
camping partners
fishing buddies
childhood friends
bird watchers
11. At the time of their next meeting, how many years have passed since Ennis and Jack last saw each other on Brokeback?
2 yrs
4 yrs
6 yrs
8 yrs
12. Ennis and Jack take a short trip up to the mountains after their reunion. Ennis, looking up at the sky, says he's sending up a prayer of thanks - that:
he and Jack found each other again
Alma didn't suspect anything between him and Jack (or so he thinks)
Jack forgot to bring his harmonica with him
it stopped snowing long enough for them to make it up to the mountains and spend some time together
13. Jack approaches the subject of starting a life together with Ennis, but he resists, using a story about ____________ as a prime example why they couldn't be together permanently.
his parents
a homosexual couple he knew as a child
him and Alma
the two of them up on Brokeback
14. Jack has given up his attempt at a career riding bulls - what does the family man now do for a living?
works with horses on a local farm
works for his father-in-law's farm equipment business
gives horseback riding lessons to youngsters
works construction
15. Jack makes a surprise visit to Wyoming after _________, thinking Ennis will now be ready and willing to start a life together with him, but is crushed to find out that isn't the case.
Ennis is out of the hospital after being on the verge of death for a short time
Ennis and Alma divorce
Ennis sends Jack a postcard indicating how much he misses Jack
hearing that Ennis bought a ranch
16. Jack and his father-in-law's tense relationship finally comes to a head at Thanksgiving dinner. What are they fighting over?
who gets to carve the turkey
whether Jack's son should say the blessing before they eat
who gets to sit at the head of the table
whether Jack's son should watch TV while he is eating dinner
17. Meanwhile, Ennis is eating Thanksgiving dinner at the house of Alma and her new husband Monroe. Ennis becomes enraged when Alma indicates to him that she knows about him and Jack by telling a story about:
seeing them kissing in front of the laundromat
a note she tied to his fishing pole
her daughters' reactions to meeting "Daddy's friend Jack"
a phone call she received from a local motel owner
18. Ennis meets waitress Cassie Cartwright while at a local bar. After getting him up on the dance floor, she gets him to:
give her his number
buy her a beer
bring her to his house
rub her feet
19. Jack and Lureen become friendly with Randall and LaShawn Malone. While waiting for Lureen and chatterbox LaShawn to leave the ladies' room at dinner so they can go home, Jack:
admits to Randall that he does not love his wife
is invited to a private cabin by Randall
tells Randall about his fishing buddy Ennis
receives a phone call from Ennis
20. While out with Ennis, daughter Alma Jr. talks to him about:
whether she can move in with him
why he won't settle down again
why he divorced Alma
his friend Jack
21. At the end of their latest trip, Ennis and Jack get into a fight that starts when:
Ennis informs Jack he has to delay their next trip due to work obligations
Jack informs Ennis that he is divorcing Lureen
Jack takes Ennis's car keys, refusing to let him leave
Ennis tells Jack he thinks they should stop meeting
22. Ennis's postcard to Jack is returned with "DECEASED" stamped on the back. Ennis calls Lureen to ask what happened. Although Ennis pictures the scene differently in his head, Lureen's story is that Jack died:
when his brakes failed and his car went over a cliff
when a rim hit him in the head while changing a flat on his truck
after tripping and falling down a flight of stairs at his friend's ranch
of a heart attack while in a seedy Mexican motel
23. Shortly after talking to Lureen about Jack's death, Ennis:
places a memorial stone up on Brokeback Mountain
goes to Texas to meet Lureen and Bobby and hopefully get a few of Jack's personal posessions
goes to Alma's house and breaks down sobbing
visits Jack's parents to see if they'd like him to scatter his ashes on Brokeback Mountain like Jack had requested
24. Jack's mother invites Ennis to see her son's childhood bedroom. While there, Ennis finds the bloodied shirt he left on Brokeback Mountain 20 years ago, tucked inside Jack's bloodied shirt. Where did Ennis find them?
hidden under the mattress
folded on the top of the bureau
hidden in a crevice next to the closet
hidden under a floorboard
25. Ennis is visited by his older daughter Alma Jr., who has a purpose for visiting. What is it?
she tells Ennis she is engaged
she's tells Ennis she's pregnant
she wants to hear why there are bloody shirts hanging in his closet
she wants Ennis to move in with her and her new husband

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