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How Well Do You Know: Santa Claus The Movie
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1. Everybody knows Santa Claus has eight reindeer. But he only had two to begin with. What were the names of his first two reindeer?
Comet, Cupid
Dasher, Vixen
Prancer, Dancer
Donner, Blitzen
2. What does Santa Claus call the little people who make toys?
3. What is the name the elves give December 25th?
Seasons Greetings
Magic Day
Holiday Rush
4. We all know her as Mrs. Claus, but what is her first name?
5. Patch has lots of ideas for new inventions. What ISN'T one of Patch's ideas?
Alarm clock
Smoke alarm
A plate that whistles
Pipes for heating
6. What is the NOT part of the criteria for being Santa Claus?
Being a artist
Being a skilled maker of toys
Being kind and charitable
Having no children of your own
7. The ancient elf is played by a man, who provides the voice for this well-known animated character:
Under Dog
Woody Woodpecker
Bugs Bunny
Puff the Magic Dragon
8. In what Century does Santa Claus start delivering toys to children all over the world?
13th century
14th century
15th century
12th century
9. He's gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Santa Claus decides to only give presents to good children. What did a naughty little boy do to his sister to give Santa the idea?
Cut her braid off
Pull the head off her doll
Hurt her cat
Push her in the mud
10. Santa's mad about being described as having a bowl full of jelly belly. In what century was the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas written?
19th century
18th century
20th century
17th century
11. What does Santa say to make his reindeer go?
Away we go
Giddy up
Dash away
12. Patch has a contest with another elf to see who should be Santa's assistant. What's the name of elf who battles with Patch?
13. Santa meets a little girl named Cornelia who offers Santa some chocolate chip cookies. Where do the cookies come from, that make them so good?
Keebler elves
Chips Ahoy
14. What's the name of the flying trick that Santa wants his reindeer to perform?
Loopty soup-ty doop-ty
Super duper looper
Doop-ty triple loopty
Loopty loo
15. How is Cornelia related to B.Z?
He's her dad
He's her grandpa
He's her uncle
He's her brother
16. Joe and Cornelia both get into fights with friends about Santa. What were they fighting about?
That he makes crappy toys
That Joe and Cornelia never met him
That he's not real
That he can't fly
17. Why does Patch decide to leave the North Pole?
He thinks Santa doesn't like him
He's embarrassed about the return of toys
To become the next Santa Claus
Santa fired him
18. All of B.Z.'s toys are being recalled. What is wrong with them?
They're filled with gun powder
They're filled with rocks and dirt
They're filled with metal and sharp pieces of wood
They're filled with glass and nails
19. Patch makes magic suckers and delivers them to all the children. What was so magical about the suckers?
They made people disappear
They turned people different colors
They made people run faster
They made people float
20. B.Z.'s assistant picks a strange color for Patch's suckers. What color did he choose?
21. B.Z. was very happy about the success of Patch's suckers. He decides to have Patch make candy canes that would make children fly. What does he want to call the candy?
Christmas 2
Dandy Candy
Patch's Pilots
B.Z.'s Canes
22. Santa's elves are very sorry Santas' sad and try to make him feel better. What type of toy do they come up with to try an cheer Santa up?
A train that blows bubbles
A doll that wets
A rocking horse that nays
A puppy that barks and wags his tail
23. Where does B.Z. find Joe hiding when he kidnaps him?
In the attic
In the closet
Under a bed
In the basement
24. What's wrong with the candy canes that Patch made?
They turn people into blueberries
They're poisonous
They explode
They make people sick
25. When the police come to arrest B.Z, he eats a bunch of candy canes and flies away. Where does he end up going?
The North Pole
The Mojave desert
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