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How Well Do You Know: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Johnny Depp was treated no differently during the filming of the sequel.

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This is awesome! The questions are really tough. Proved myself as a PoTC DMC addict lol XD
autumnpixiedust 5/23/11 3:51 am


1. At the start of the movie, what event is occurring?
Captain Jack Sparrow is being executed. Again.
Davy Jones' ship is emerging from the waters for the first time in a hundred years.
James Norrington is being stripped of his rank as admiral.
Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann's wedding is almost ready to begin.
2. Upon his arrival, who has Cutler Beckett been authorized to arrest?
Elizabeth Swann
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner and James Norrington
3. Like Elizabeth Swann did in the Curse of the Black Pearl, pirate-for-life Gibbs is singing a sea shanty. Which one is he drunkenly stammering through?
A Pirate's Life for Me
A Pirate Looks at 40
Blow the Man Down
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
4. What is the first lyric of Gibbs' Robert Lewis Stevenson tribute/American Idol audition?
A week in the tropics and he'll be alright. Sporting a tan as he rides out of sight.
Drink and the devil be done for the rest.
Every man Jack could ha’ sailed with old Pew
Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
5. What is Jack riding during his first appearance in Dead Man's Chest?
The Black Pearl (natch)
A coffin steered by a leg bone
The Orient Express
Riding? More like falling. Through a bar table, of course.
6. What artifact of Jack's does Beckett desperately want to steal...err, acquire from the pirate?
The Black Pearl (natch again)
His drawing of a key
His keen fashion sense
The magic compass
7. This magic compass you should have answered in question six performs a mysterious task. What does it do?
Points to Davy Jones' heart.
Points to Davy Jones' locker.
Points to whatever the person holding it wants most in the world
Points to His Dark Materials
8. Someone delivers the message to Jack that his "time's run out". Who is this messenger?
Bootstrap Bill
Davy Jones
Jack Norrington
The Kraken
9. On Cannibal Island, Jack has been the recipient of some face paint. Not including his real ones and their eyelids, how many eyes does Jack have in this scene?
10. Which of these is not a word/phrase Jack uses in communicating with the natives?
Ball licky-licky
11. Beckett proclaims to Elizabeth that loyalty is no longer the currency of the land. What does he state *is* the currency of the land?
Formerly Cursed Aztec Gold
12. What do the Pelegostos natives believe to be true of Jack?
That he drinks too much rum
That he speaks with a forked tongue and they want to make that a literal aspect of his existence
That he is a god in human form who needs to be released from his condition
That killing him will keep Davy Jones and the Kraken away for another hundred years
13. Jack finds himself in yet another predicament as the Pelegostos leave him in order to track down Will Turner's unwelcome group of visitors. Which of these is not true of his situation?
His body is tied up by rope and a pole is strapped to his back
Fruits are thrown at him by the villagers
Villagers shoot arrows at him as he flees
The ground under him catches fire
14. Not everyone escapes the island as the Black Pearl sets sail. Who gets left behind?
The dog
Pintel and Ragetti
15. Why does Jack insist upon staying in shallow water?
The compass clearly points to a rocky shoal
The Kraken lies within the deep water of the ocean
This is the only way to potentially save the dog
Even pirates get sea-sick sometimes
16. What does Jack offer in payment in exchange for Tia Dalma's assistance?
The picture of the key
One of the Aztec Coins
An undead monkey
Two hours testing Will Turner's vitality (and sexuality)
17. Here is a Tia Dalma-ism: "A great sailor, until he ran afoul of dat which vex all men." Ignoring the grammar and gibberish for the moment, what does she later state "vex all men"?
The Sea
A Woman
18. Tia brings something from the back room. It is intended to aid Jack Sparrow on his journey. Who or what is it?
A jar of dirt
Poisoned rum
The undead monkey (he should have said 'no takebacks')
19. What is the name of Davy Jones' ship?
Dead Man's Chest
The Flying Dutchman
20. When imprisoned on Davy Jones' ship, Will Turner is subjected to five lashes from the whip? Who administers his punishment?
Bootstrap Bill
Davy Jones
A dominatrix who calls herself Mistress Kendra and whose rates are surprisingly affordable
21. Will Turner plays a game of dice against Davy Jones. What are the stakes on each side?
Will offers the location of Jack Sparrow; Davy Jones offers info about the East India Trade Company
Davy Jones offers the freedom of Bootstrap Bill; Will offers his soul
Will offers his soul; Davy Jones offers the key to a chest
Will offers a Lord of the Rings DVD box set; Davy Jones offers The Monkees Season One on DVD
22. During the infamous water wheel scene, three people duel. Who are they?
Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner
Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
James Norrington, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner
James Norrington, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner
23. What are the contents of the titular Dead Man's Chest?
Davy Jones' heart
The key to the Kraken's cage
The contract for Jack Sparrow's soul
The contract for Bootstrap Bill Turner's soul
24. What is the last thing Jack says to Elizabeth?
"I love to wave at those moments as they pass me by."
"Luv, you need to go now, savvy?"
"The thing I most desire in the world? You're sitting on it."
25. The huge and welcome surprise at the end of Dead Man's Chest is the arrival of the presumed dead villain from The Curse of the Black Pearl, Barbossa. What is his one piece of dialogue in this movie?
I always wanted to see the end of the world...but I always thought I would be the cause of it.
I always wanted to take on The Kraken...and I hate Davy Jones.
So tell me, what's become of my ship?
Would you care for an apple, Ms. Swann?

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