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How Well Do You Know: Knight and Day
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1. Going through airport security at the film's opening, June reveals that she's carrying in her bag:
Car parts
Office supplies
Precious gems
A vibrator
2. June needs to fly to Boston for an important event. What is it?
Her high school reunion
Her father's retirement
The birth of her niece
Her sister's wedding
3. The object that everyone is after during the movie is a revolutionary battery. What the heck is it called?
4. While June is in the restroom, all heck breaks loose between Roy and the other agents on the plane. Roy utilizes each of the following in the battle, except for:
Seat bottom cushion
Seat-back TV screen
Oxygen mask
5. Roy lands the plane:
In a shallow riverbed
On a deserted playground
In a corn field
On a baseball diamond
6. Roy warns June about people introducing themselves as federal agents, especially if they repeatedly use words like:
Trust and patriotism
Secure and safe
Duty and obligation
Health and livelihood
7. Having been drugged by Roy, June wakes up in her own house to find that:
Roy is in bed next to her
Her sister's wedding has been called off
Roy has left breakfast for her
She has been shot
8. June, named for a month, has a sister, whose name is:
A day of the week
A color of the rainbow
The name of a fruit
Also the name of a month
9. June knows a fella named Rodney, with whom June has a bit of a past. What is Rodney's profession?
He's a fireman
He's a kindergarten teacher
He's a veterinarian
He's a mailman
10. Right before he fled the diner with June, Rodney:
Drugs her pie
Shoots Rodney
Handcuffs her
Kills an agent posing as a waitress
11. Which of the following is true about Simon Feck, the inventor of the Zephyr?
He's a former German agent
He's barely out of high school
He used to be Roy's mentor
She's female
12. Roy expected to meet up with Simon in a Brooklyn warehouse, but Simon wasn't there. Instead, Simon left Roy a clue to his location:
Hidden in the scrawl on a wall
Under his mattress
In the music that plays in the warehouse
On a bathroom mirror
13. During the shootout in the warehouse, Roy identifies the shooters as working for an arms dealer of which nationality?
14. After being drugged by Roy following the warehouse shootout, June awakens briefly to a number of disconcerting images. Which is not one of them?
Roy about to jump with her out of a plane
Roy driving a boat
Roy swaying back and forth, strung up by his ankles
Roy carrying her through a wall of flames
15. Roy's home - which was completely off-grid until June takes a phone call - is in this island group:
US Virgin Islands
16. After June wakes up after being on the island, she finds herself:
Back in her bed at home
On a train
On a submarine
In a small sports car speeding through winding streets in Italy
17. Simon realizes there's something wrong with the Zephyr, because:
It's hot
It's cold
It's pulsating
It's getting larger
18. Roy gives Simon a pin showing the name of which musical act (hint: their song played in the Brooklyn warehouse while Roy and June looked for Simon)?
Guns n Roses
The Who
Hall and Oates
The Pointer Sisters
19. Thinking she's been jilted by Roy, June meets with a Director George, who introduces herself as working for:
Homeland Security
20. What does Fitzgerald give June to use as a signal when she knows the Zephyr is nearby?
A pair of earrings
A pen
A compact
A lighter
21. Roy apparently dies in Salzburg when he:
Is hit by a plane
Is run over by an ambulance
Falls into a canal
Falls down an elevator shaft
22. June visits a couple who she realizes are Roy's parents. What is unusual about the couple?
They are both blind
They are also the parents of Simon
They won Publisher's Clearing House twice
They are both US Senators
23. Abducted by Quintana, June becomes very talkative. Why?
She's understandably nervous
She's trying to distract Quintana from Roy's being on the room
She's not used to coffee as strong as what Quintana gave her
Quintana gave her a truth serum
24. Roy and June navigate crowded Spanish streets (and a running of the bulls) on:
A Segway
A motorcycle
A horse
25. The Zephyr is destroyed when it explodes inside:
A bull
An airplane
A mailbox

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