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How Well Do You Know: Easy A
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1. Olive states early in the film: "The rumors of my ________ have greatly been exaggerated."
2. Olive's adventurous downward spiral begins when she tells her friend Rhi that she had a date with a guy from community college. She tells the lie to avoid doing what with Rhi's family?
Go camping
Go to a wedding
Attend a polo match
Go white water rafting
3. On the weekend in question, Olive receives a card that plays which song - a song that Olive dubs the worst ever, but which she is soon singing voluntarily and ultimately becomes her ringtone?
Poker Face
Party in the USA
Pocketful of Sunshine
4. Marianne Bryant started the rumor about Olive and her fictional promiscuity when she overheard Rhi and Olive in:
The gym
The girls' room
The library
Mr. Griffith's class
5. Marianne Bryant successfully leads a protest to replace the school's devil-based mascot with this less menacing one:
A woodchuck
An angel
A unicorn
A platypus
6. In the first scene showing Olive's family, her father expresses faux outrage that the news that:
Olive is smarter that him
The son is adopted
His wife earns more than he does
He is not gainfully employed
7. Olive pauses in the narrative during her webcast to say a few words about this book - the book that she is reading in Mr. Griffith's class - and a movie based on it:
Sense and Sensibility
Little Women
The Scarlet Letter
Tess of the d'Urbervilles
8. Which of the following is not true about Olive being sent to the principal's office?
She called a fellow student a twat
It was the first time she'd been sent to see the principal
She called the principal a fascist
She had to serve detention with Brandon
9. As they she and Brandon are about to have pretend sex at Melanie Bosticks' party, Olive takes this precaution:
Puts on a CD of animal noises
Puts her panties over the keyhole
She scatters condom wrappers by the door
She advises Brandon to pack a small stuffed animal into his underwear
10. On the same day that Olive first wears an A on her clothing to school:
She gets a quick kiss from Todd
She begins her webcam broadcasts
Marianne slaps her
Rhi says they are no longer friends
11. Olive demands of Evan, the first boy who approaches her to avail her of her "services", a gift certificate to:
Del Taco, because she has a jones for Mexican food
Office Max, because she wants a new label maker
Meineke, because she needs to find out what's making that funky sound in her car
Old Navy, because she needs a scarf that suggests harlotry
12. "Whatever happened to chivalry," wonders Olive. "Does it only exist in 80s movies?" She then cites each of the following films, except for:
Can't Buy Me Love
Say Anything.....
Sixteen Candles
Some Kind of Wonderful
13. Mrs. Griffith, portrayed by Lisa Kudrow and wife to Mr. Griffith (duh), has the position in the school:
Vice Principal
Guidance counsellor
Gym teacher
Music teacher
14. Put these hand-written placards in order that they appear in the film:
  1. How I, Olive Penderghast, Went from Assumed Trollop to an Actual Home-Wrecker
  2. The Shudder Inducing and Clicked, However Totally False Account of How I Lost my Virginity to a Guy at Community College
  3. A Lady's Choice and a Gentleman's Agreement
  4. The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude
15. Olive and Marianne bond, for a day, because Olive comforts Marianne over:
Marianne's failing grades
Marianne's boyfriend's parents having marital problems
Marianne questioning her faith
Marianne's boyfriend's drug use
16. The Marianne-Olive bond shatters when Marianne's boyfriend Micah comes down with this VD, and blames Olive for it:
17. When Mrs. Griffith receives the news, she reacts by ________ in Olive's presence:
Verbally assailing her husband
Using foul language
Breaking everything in her office
Slashing the air with scissors
18. When Olive decides to accept the blame for giving Micah the disease, she finds that this person has joined Marianne's group calling for her damnation:
Mrs. Griffith
Mr. Griffith
19. Olive seeks out the advice of a religious authority, and the person she ends up finding happens to be:
Her childhood pastor
A rabbi
Marianne's father
Brandon's father
20. Who has been the Penderghast Family Member of the Week every week?
Olive's brother
Olive's mother
Olive's father
21. A boy asks Olive out to an apparent date at the Lobster Shack. What is the kicker?
It's all a set-up - Marianne has engineered it to embarrass her
Marianne has secretly longed after the boy that asks her out
The boy "pays" her with a gift certificate to actually have sex with him
She sees Rhi out on a date with Todd at the Lobster Shack
22. Brandon's ultimate path in the film recalls this literary work:
Catcher in the Rye
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Great Gatsby
The Old Man and the Sea
23. Who tells Mr. Griffith the truth about his wife?
24. Olive teases her webcast at a school prep rally by performing to which song?
It's Raining Men
Knock on Wood
Little Red Corvette
25. The final shot of the film shows Olive and Todd paying homage to which of the following 80s films?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club

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