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How Well Do You Know: The Expendables
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1. Prior to the opening credits rolling, this is the first mode of transportation seen in the film:
Army jeeps
2. We meet Barney and his gang as they attempt to thwart pirates off the coast of:
3. Gunner started on the road to excommunication from the group when he threatened to __________ a pirate:
4. Tool finishes the Expendables tattoo on Barney's back. What is on top of the skull?
A knife
A stick of dynamite
A raven
Another skull, natch
5. It's suggested that Lee has lost some of his mojo following his break-up with Lacy in that he can't:
Shoot straight
Shave his head without nicking it
Keep his shoes tied
Throw a knife accurately
6. "But since we're in this nice place, you might as well just call me:"
Mr. Church
Mr. Temple
Mr. Park
Mr. Deli
7. Barney learns of a job to deal with the general and his backers who are wrecking havoc on the island of:
Puerto Sala
8. Barney wanted this amount for the job:
$5 million
$20 million
$12.5 million
$8.3 million
9. Yin Yang wants an increase in his share for the job because:
He wants to retire early
He wants to get his son into a better school
He's trying to impress this one skirt he's been chasing
His real estate holdings have gone to pot
10. Toll Road has unusual problems. They include:
Overthinking things and Rheumatism
Overthinking things and cauliflower ear
Disdain for violence and cauliflower ear
Disdain for violence and Rheumatism
11. When Barney and Lee visit the island to do recon, they pose as conservationists studying:
12. General Gaza's soldiers wear berets that are:
Black with a white lightning bolt
Crimson with a black diamond
Green with a black spider
Brown with a yellow star
13. Sandra meets Barney and Lee. The latter tells her their names are derived from which city?
Buenos Aires
14. Munroe is pissed with Garza because:
The soldiers are not disciplined
The populace is not fearful enough
The fields are not producing
The pipelines are not flowing
15. When Barney and Lee leave the island for the first time, they employ a little maneuver they call:
Slash and burn
Fry and die
Shake and bake
Haze and blaze
16. In exchange for turning on Barney and company, this is what Gunner want from Munroe:
$100 grand
$50 grand and the general's daughter
$75 grand and being able to kill Barney himself
No money - he just want to watch his old gang bleed
17. ___________ is all that came between Lee's knife and Lacy's abusive boyfriend:
A car door
A basketball
A wooden plank
A leather jacket
18. "A very wise dead man once told me that a real man never strikes a woman....this man, however, does not share that moral dilemma. No." Who ended up striking Sandra?
General Garza
Dan Paine
One of Garza's soldiers
19. Munroe and Dan Paine tortured Sandra with:
Lack of food
20. When Barney told the gang he was going back to the island by himself, who was the first one to say that he was joining Barney?
Yin Yang
Hale Caesar
21. Barney shoots Gunner as he is about to do what to Yin Yang?
Blow his head off
Break his neck
Impale him on a pipe
Throw him into an incinerator
22. In exchange for telling Barney who sent him, Gunner requested that Barney:
Forgive him
Watch over his family
Kill Yin Yang
Bury him right
23. Hale Ceasar has a rather unique weapon that turns people red sauce and jello. What is the name of his gun?
Omaya Kaboom
Trixie Munitions
24. Just as Barney and his crew are arriving back on the island, the general's soldiers:
Have painted their faces
Are demanding Sandra's head
Have turned on Garza
Have deserted the island
25. Who finds and frees Sandra from the basement of the palace?
The general
26. Who kills General Garza?
Dan Paine
27. Who kills Dan Paine?
Yin Yang
Lee Christmas
Toll Road
Hale Caesar
28. Which duo kills Munroe?
Hale and Toll
Lee and Yin
Barney and Lee
Toll and Barney
29. Which of the following was not destroyed in raid on the island?
A fuel dump
A helicopter
The drug fields
The general's palace
30. The film ends with Lee reciting ____________ of a sort:
A limerick
Shakespearean poetry
Song lyrics

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