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How Well Do You Know: Friends, S02E04: The One with Phoebe's Husband
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1. As Rachel is talking to her mother on the phone, a pigeon flies into the apartment. What does she uses to trap it?
A laundry basket
A pot and a lid
A blanket
A giant bowl
2. During the trapping, a man walks into the apartment and claims to Phoebe's husband. What actor portrays him?
Seth Green
Topher Grace
Steve Zahn
Neil Patrick Harris
3. Why did Phoebe end up marrying Duncan?
They met in Vegas
He paid her
He was dared
He needed a green card
4. Monica says that Phoebe was so upset when Duncan left town that she did what?
Wore fur
Ate a cheeseburger
Went hunting
Went fishing
5. When Monica shares this info, it prompts everyone to rat out each others secrets. Phoebe tells us that the underwear out on the telephone pole is Monica's when she was having sex with who out on the balcony?
Fun Bobby
Young Ethan
6. Who reveals that Chandler has a third nipple?
7. Chandler then throws Joey under the bus by saying what?
Joey made out with a guy
Joey did a nude cover shoot for Playgirl
Joey was in a porno
Joey has six toes on his left foot
8. Phoebe is going to meet up with Duncan at Madison Square Garden. Why there?
He's a Knick's fan
He's a Ranger's fan
He's in the Ice Capades
That's where they got married
9. Ross has a conversation with Rachel about him and Julie not having sex. What is Rachel's advice on what to do?
Just to go ahead and do it
Make sure she is the right one
See what happens tonight
Just wait and wait and wait some more
10. What does Chandler bring to Ross's place?
A photo of his third nipple
Monica's underwear from the telephone pole
Joey's porno tape
A cheeseburger for Phoebe
11. What was Joey's line in the porno?
"Hey hey, how you doin'?"
"I'm the repairman."
"You know that's bad for the paper tray."
"I'm here to begin the typing test."
12. Why does Duncan need to talk to Phoebe?
He wants a divorce
He wants her to move to Canada with him
He wants to renew their vows
He got another woman pregnant
13. How does Rachel try to postpone Ross and Julie from having sex?
By playing a lot of movies
By playing a lot of games
By asking Julie about her entire life
By staying at Ross apartment til late at night
14. Who says, "Boy that Julie's a talker, huh?"
15. What song is Ross dancing to at the end of the episode?
It's Raining Men
Singin' in the Rain
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Kung Fu Fighting

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