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How Well Do You Know: Friends, S02E03: The One Where Mr. Heckles Dies
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1. Why did Chandler break up with his date Joan?
She chewed her food too loud
She had big gums
She talked in her sleep
She had big nostrils
2. Joey shares a story about how when he first moved to the city, he met a hot girl who was a great kisser but she had what?
A crooked eye
One ear
A moustache
An adam's apple
3. When Mr. Heckles comes to tell everyone that they're stomping, he explains that the loudness is disturbing who?
His cats
His mice
His birds
His snakes
4. What is in Mr. Heckles hand when he is found dead?
A mop
A broom
A vacuum
A stick
5. Who screams for Mr. Heckles to "go into the light!"?
6. What does Phoebe not believe in, to the aggravation of Ross?
7. According to Mr. Heckles's will, he leaves all his earthly possessions to Monica and Rachel - but they're listed as who in the will?
Brunette and blonde in the apartment above me
Girl A and girl B in the apartment above me
Noisy girls in the apartment above me
Monique and Rocky
8. In Mr. Heckles's "Big Book of Grievances", Joey is listed as Italian guy. What is Chandler listed as?
Italian guy's gay roommate
Italian guy's not funny roommate
Italian guy's desperate roommate
Italian guy's female roomate
9. Who realizes that he/she has traits similar to Mr. Heckles?
10. It's Chandler. After he realizes his similarity, he panics and calls who?
His mom
His dad
11. It's Janice. What's new about her?
She's engaged
She's married
She's pregnant
She's married and pregnant
12. In Ross's last chance to convince Phoebe about evolution, he presents her with a case of fossils that are over _____ million years old.
13. What item does Rachel take from Mr. Heckles's apartment that Monica accidently breaks?
A porcelain doll
A hand mirror
A clock
A lamp
14. What item does Joey take from Mr. Heckle's apartment?
A collection of porn
A giant magnifying glass
Sandwich makings
His television
15. The episode closes with Chandler on a date with a woman and all he can focus on is what?
Her large hair
Her oddly shapped nose
Her hunched back
Her big head

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