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How Well Do You Know: Dick Tracy
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1. Dick Tracy is called to a murder scene to identify some bodies. Which character was killed?
Dog Face
Baby Face
2. Breathless tells her boss Lips, "I get sick when you eat." What is Lips eating that's so gross?
Frog legs
3. Dick Tracy gets into a fight with The Kid's boss. He tells him, "Okay tough guy, now do you want to give The Kid a ________?"
Cheese burger
Slice of pie
Baked potato
Piece of chicken
4. What is the name of the kind of torture that kills Lips?
The Mixer
The Bath
The Sweeper
The Oven
5. What did Dick Tracy discover at Lips's crime scene that made him suspect Big Boy?
Orange peels
Sunflower seeds
Cherry pits
6. What is the last name of Dick Tracy's girlfriend Tess?
7. What famous actor plays Mumbles?
Al Pachino
Dustin Hoffman
James Cann
Robert De Niro
8. A montage shows The Kid asking the same question over and over. What question does the Kid keep asking?
When do we eat?
Can I go too?
What are we doing?
Are we there yet?
9. What is the name of Big Boy's hit man?
10. Big Boy tries to offer Tracy a bribe. How much money does he offer Tracy?
11. After he kidnaps Tracy, where does Big Boy take the hero to be killed?
Tess's apartment building
The cemetery
The dock
The basement of Tracy's apartment
12. The Kid tells Tracy, "For a tough guy, you do a lot of pansy things." What pansy thing is The Kid referring to?
Ironing his clothes
Taking a bath
Washing dishes
Brushing his teeth
13. Big boy has 14 witnesses saying he was doing what when Dick Tracy was kidnapped?
Helping the elderly
Watching movies in a theater
Taking dance lessons
Shopping for shoes
14. The actor who plays Breathless's piano man, 88 Keys, is best known from what classic 80's movie?
Princess Bride
The Goonies
The Karate Kid
15. Big Boy tells 88 Keys, "You're a piano player - what, do you want to be a _______?"
16. Dick Tracy bugs Big Boy's office so he can hear all his illegal plans. Where does he plant the bug?
Behind a desk
In the light
Under the table
In the floor
17. What role does Dick Van Dyke play in the film?
Chief Brandon
D.A Fletcher
18. Who kills Pruneface?
No Face
Big Boy
Dick Tracy
19. Breathless wants a little passion from Dick Tracy. What does Dick Tracy want from Breathless?
To be his undercover eyes
To wear a wire
A steamy hot love affair
For her to testify against Big Boy
20. No Face and 88 Keys frame Dick Tracy. Big Boy is extremely happy - he says, "Maybe I'll even run for _________"
21. Where does Dick Tracy's girlfriend Tess work at?
Clothing store
Counting house
22. No Face kidnaps Tess and takes her to Big Boy's place. Where does he hide her at?
The basement
The attic
The wine cellar
Big Boy's office
23. After Big Boy runs away with Tess, how does he threaten to kill her?
Have her crushed by gears
Throw her off a bridge
Tie her to the railroad tracks
Push her over the side of a roof
24. At the end of the movie, Tracy tosses Tess an engagement ring. What does he say to her immediately after?
You're one in a million
You know I love you right?
Will you marry me?
Give me your answer later, okay?
25. Which hats did Warren Beatty wear role in the film?
Actor and producer
Actor, writer, director
Actor, director, producer

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