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How Well Do You Know: Hot Tub Time Machine
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1. As the film opens, Nick (Craig Robinson) has forsaken his career in music for a job working with:
2. Meanwhile, Lou (Rob Corddry) come close to killing himself as he guns his car's engine in his garage as a tune from this 80s group plays on the car radio:
Motley Crüe
Twisted Sister
Bon Jovi
Quite Riot
3. Lou has this somewhat intense nickname:
4. When the guys first roll into Kodiak Valley, they find that:
The town is having a 80s revival weekend
The town has fallen on hard times
The town is no longer there
They are still remembered not unlike gods, even after all these years
5. The current-day bellhop, played by Crispin Glover, is missing a/n:
6. When they first see it in the present day, the hot tub outside the room has this noticeable problem:
It's full of three-week old beer, plus a keg
The water in it is frozen solid
It's full of half-naked chicks
There's a dead raccoon in it
7. After skiing, the guys slowly tune into the fact that they have gone back through time. Their first big hint is:
The way everyone is dressed
The way everyone talks
The music that is playing on the mountain
A big sign stating the year
8. To what year does the Hot Tub Time Machine transport the guys?
9. As they try to get their heads around their predicament, their minds are further blown that an obscene carving that Lou left _____________ is no longer there:
In an end table drawer
Behind the bed headboard
On the bathroom drawer
On the window sill
10. The first woman that the guys meet is:
Jacob's mom
Nick's wife
Adam's (former) girlfriend
Lou's sister
11. Lou's nemesis in 1986 is Blaine, a member of:
The local 4-H club
The ski patrol
The town police department
The local motorcycle gang
12. Nick veritably sobs as he gets it on with a naked blonde in a hot tub. Why does he cry?
The blonde is particularly ugly
He feel guilty about "cheating" on his wife
He gets soap in his eyes
The girl he's having sex with is Jacob's mom
13. Adam meets April (Lizzy Caplan), a journalist who is following which band is playing at the resort?
Def Leppard
14. Adam, Lou and Nick have all agreed to never mention what happened in:
St. Louis
15. Half way through the movie, which character begins to flicker occasionally?
16. Blaine believes that the guys are:
Drug dealers
17. Adams dreads breaking up with Jenny because he knows it will entail being stabbed with a fork in:
The cheek
The eye
The leg
The arm
18. Lou tries to clean up by betting on this famous 80s sporting event:
The Miracle on Ice
The debut of the "Superbowl Shuffle" music video
"The Drive" by the Denver Broncos
"The Catch" by the San Francisco 49ers
19. ...but the outcome of the game was altered by this time of animal, on which Lou had projectile vomited earlier in the film:
A duck
A cat
A squirrel
A beaver
20. The rather unhelpful hot tub repair man states, or rather implies, that this beverage, which they guys brought with them, is the key to returning to the present:
21. Nick wows the crowd with a performance of this 80s staple:
Cruel Summer
Livin' on a Prayer
Jessie's Girl
Billie Jean
22. ....and then gives them a taste of the future with a song associated with which modern-day act?
Will Smith
Black Eyed Peas
Kelly Clarkson
Jonas Brothers
23. As Nick meets Adam and Jacob after his show, they realize that Lou is missing. Where's Lou?
He is making out with Jacob's mom
He is sabotaging the time machine
He is getting beaten up by Blaine
He has returned to the future....err, present
24. Throughout the film, the bellhop flirts with danger. Which is not one of the ways that the bellhop appears close to losing his arm?
Using a chainsaw to sculpt ice
Getting stuck in an elevator
Fighting Blaine and the other ski patrol dorks
Rescuing the guys from a roof
25. At their parting, April whispers this to Adam:
Maybe the universe will bring us together again
See you in about 20 years
If it's meant to be, it will be
The writing of our book isn't finished yet
26. Nick places a phone call to his wife excoriating her for cheating on him. His wife is this old:
27. A somewhat cataclysmic even leads the guys to realize that:
They will not be able to return to the future
They haven't actually been transported back into time
Lou is Jacob's father
The hot tub time machine wasn't actually broken
28. This ultimately accounts for the severing of the bellhop's arm:
A snowplow
A snowblower
A wood chipper
An ax
29. Four people travel from the present back to 1986. How many return in the hot tub to the future....errr, present?
By way of explanation.....
Lou remains in 1986
30. When the guys return to the present, they find out that Lou has apparently created:

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