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How Well Do You Know: Edward Scissorhands
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1. What is the reason that Peg Boggs goes up to Edward's mansion?
She heard it was haunted
To snoop around
She saw someone in the window
To sell the Avon
2. What reason does Edward give for having scissor hands?
"I'm a work in progress"
"I'm not finished"
"I'm not done"
"I'm not completed"
3. When Edward arrives at the Boggs's house, Kim is not there. Where is Kim?
Visiting relatives
Camping with friends
At a concert with friends
Cheerleading Practice
4. What is the name of the red headed desperate housewife who flirts with all the men?
5. What question does Kevin ask his mom about Edward which upsets her greatly?
Can I use him to cut in line at the movies?
Can I take him to show-and-tell?
Can he cut this bully's hand off?
Has he ever chopped a man in two?
6. What is the first thing Edward makes in the Boggs's yard out of their bushes?
7. The scary church lady named Esmeralda calls the Boggs family a name, leading Edward to tell her, "We're not ________." What does Esmeralda call them?
8. What legendary monster movie actor plays the inventor?
Lon Chaney
Boris Karloff
Bela Lagosi
Vincent Price
9. The inventor was making something with a machine, when he got the idea to make Edward. What was the machine making?
10. Finish this passage:
"Come on, everybody grab a plate - soup's on."
"I thought this was ____________?"
Shish Kebabs
Cheese burgers
Corn on cob
Hot dogs
11. Kim's boyfriend is played by a 80's Brat pack member. What movie is he best known from?
Pretty in Pink
The Breakfast Club
St. Elmo's Fire
12. Bill tries to teach Edward a thing or two about teenage girls. What does Bill say is the reason for girls acting crazy?
13. Bill traumatizes Edward by giving him alcohol and calling it what drink?
Ice tea
Fruit punch
14. Finish Bill's phrase: "You can't buy a car with__________."
Apple cobbler
A popsicle
Cheese and crackers
15. What bad thing happens to Edward during the talk show he's on?
He falls off the stage
He knocks over the set
He gets electrocuted
He gets into a fight
16. What kind of store does Edward plan on opening?
Dog groomers
Lawn service
Clothing store
Beauty salon
17. What does Joyce say Edward did to her at the beauty salon?
Came on to her
Cut her
Tried to rape her
Made out with her
18. What does Jim want to do with the money from robbing his house?
Get his own place
Buy a van
Buy a car
Get out of town
19. Edward gets mad and trashes the Boggs's house. What is he so mad about?
Watching Kim run out to see Jim
Finding out it was Jim's house he broke into
Being put in jail
Finding out Kim tricked him
20. Bill gives Edward a pop quiz on doing the right thing. What option DOESN'T Bill give Edward as to what to do with money found?
Try and find the owner
Give it to the poor
Turn it into the police
Buy gifts for your friends and love ones
21. Edward accidentally cuts Kim's hand when making the ice sculpture. Jim saw it and said that Edward did it on purpose. What did Jim say that Edward did to her hand?
Impaled it
Skewered it
Pierced it
Slashed it
22. What did Edward do to make Helen call the police on him?
Cut Kim
Fight with Jim
Cut down her bush
Stab the neighbors' tires
23. Crossing the street, Kevin is almost hit by a vehicle when Edward saves him. Who was driving the vehicle?
The police
24. How does Edward kill Jim?
Cuts his throat
Impales him on broken wood
Pushes him out a window
Pushes him down the stairs
25. Kim told the angry neighbors that Edward and Jim killed each other. How did she say that Edward died?
Jim stabbed him with his own scissors
He fell through the floor
The roof caved in on him
Jim shot him

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