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How Well Do You Know: Mixed Nuts
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1. When Philip is riding his bike on the boardwalk, he meets two rollerbladers. One of them is played by stand-up comic:
Richard Lewis
Jon Stewart
Paul Reiser
Richard Jeni
2. Gracie is furious that Felix ran off with her Santa suit. Gracie wanted to sell the suit, and buy what for her baby?
High chair
Car seat
3. What famous comedian plays Philip's landlord?
Garry Shandling
David Brenner
Bill Maher
Larry David
4. Complete this exchange:
"I want to do it to you Catherine, I want to _______. you."
"Did he just say _______?"
Be inside
Ram it in
Stick it in
Show it to
5. What type "of the month club" does Philip get Catherine?
6. Catherine thinks that the biggest shame in her life is:
She's never been kissed
She went to prom with her cousin
She still lives with her mom
She's almost 40 and has never been married
7. Stanley Tannenbaum asks Philip a morbid question. He wants to know if anyone Philip's talked to, has ever drank:
Razor blades
8. Mrs. Munchnik tells Catherine: "You would see the bright side of a________?"
House Fire
Snake bite
9. How much money does Philip need to keep Lifesavers opened?
10. Mrs. Munchnik is stuck in the elevator. She sings a little ditty to alert people she's stuck: "Come to get me, stuck in this place, Get me soon or _________?"
I'll spray your ass with mace
I'll kill the whole human race
Hit me in the face
Give me a new space
11. Gracie thinks Felix is acting like a maniac. So she hits him in the head with a old fruitcake. Felix needs stitches, so Philip takes him where?
TV repair shop
The veterinary office
The dentist office
The eye doctor
12. Every woman in town is nervous about the Seaside Strangler, but he only goes for certain type of woman. What ISN'T he looking for in a victim?
To be young
To be tall
To have long hair
To be blond
13. Chris's family is really mean to him. What do they call him when their making fun of him?
14. Chris talks about being at a night club with what famous politician?
Tony Blair
Henry Kissinger
Dan Quayle
Richard Nixon
15. Adam Sandler's character Louie loves to write songs. In his song to Catherine, what's the last line in the song?
I love chicken fingers
I love Catherine
I love grape jelly
I love nachos
16. What did Chris leave at Philip's apartment to make him come back?
17. What kind of artist does Felix long to be?
18. Who accidentally kills Stanley Tannenbaum?
19. Philip's ex-girlfriend Susan comes over to see Philip. Gracie answers her by saying: "He's busy _______ with Catherine, would you like to wait?"
Taking a bath
Making out
Having sex
20. Philip is really depressed about his Christmas eve. He says, "We have been here for six years, and what do we have to show for it a dead body."
Gracie replies, "A dead body disguised as a ________?"
Christmas present
Christmas tree
Santa Claus
21. Mrs. Munchnik runs into Lifesavers' next door neighbor. He really dislikes her. What does he call her?
The cat hater
The animal hater
The baby hater
The dog hater
22. As the whole gang walks outside, carrying the dead body in the tree, they sing which joyful Christmas song?
Deck the Halls
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Up on the Roof Top
Joy to the World
23. Philip has to talk Felix down off the top of a roof. He asks him what he got for his first Christmas. What was Felix's answer?
Hub caps
Needle nose pliers
Zippo lighter
24. How much was Gracie's reward, for killing the Seaside Strangler?
25. What do Philip and Catherine plan to do for Christmas?
Go on vacation
Move in together
Spend it alone together
Get married

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