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How Well Do You Know: Trapped in Paradise
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1. Bill Firpo is afraid that he's ruined his karma. What did he find in the street and return, only with great difficulty?
A purse
A watch
A money clip
A wallet
2. Dave Firpo is trying to explain to the parole board how he has changed for the better. What flying animal does he compare himself to?
3. What has Alvin Firpo been diagnosed with?
4. Alvin is hungry coming out of prison. He asks Bill if they can stop and get what?
Easy Cheese and crackers
A Happy Meal with fruit punch
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and juice box
Ring-Dings and milk
5. "They didn't have a shred of evidence 'cept our fingerprints", Alvin says. What did Dave and Alvin rob?
Liquor store
Car wash
Gas station
6. What state is the town of Paradise in?
New york
New Hampshire
7. Why does Bill finally decide to go to Paradise?
He thinks the police are after him
To rob a bank
To find Sarah
Dave and Alvin ask him to
8. When the Firpo brothers first arrive in Paradise, they almost hit the deputy with their car. What is the deputy's name?
9. In the bank, Sarah tells Alvin, "Those are for the children." What is Sarah talking about?
Candy canes
Gingerbread men
10. Where do the Firpo brothers first meet Ed and Clovis?
At the bank
In the town square
At a convenience store
At the bus station
11. Dave tries to keep the hostages calm by singing a song. Can you complete the lyrics? "Oh you can't get to heaven, If you don't __________"
Hold still
Shut up
Stay calm
Move a muscle
12. According to Alvin what special ingredient in scrapple makes it okay to eat?
13. Alvin is worried about trying to out-run the police. What is Alvin so worried about?
Not having snow tires
Going back to prison
Getting in a accident
Not having snow chains
14. What do the Andersons call Sarah?
Sarah Downstairs
Sarah Smiles
Sarah Upstairs
15. How much money do the Firpo brothers steal from the bank?
16. What is the name of the Andersons' dog?
17. Once again, Alvin is obsessed with eating something. What is Alvin so excited about eating at the Andersons'?
Pumpkin pie
Scallion stuffing
Giblet Gravy
Creamed corn
18. How does Bill distract the cops at the bus station?
He shoots a gun
He yells "Fire!"
He shoves Ed and Clovis into them
He yells he's got a gun
19. After the incident at the Greyhound station, how do the Firpo brothers try to leave Paradise?
By sled
By hitchhiking
By train
By boat
20. What is the name of Timmy's horse?
21. Finish Edna Firpo's phrase: "I wish I was a witch, ________"
I'd turn you into a frog and cut off your legs
I'd have my black cat take a sh*@ on your head
I'd shove my broomstick right up your ass
I'd ram my pointy hat right into your eye
22. What is Apecial Agent Peyser mad about missing on Christmas eve?
Watching his kids get ready for Santa
Watching his mother get drunk on egg nog
Eating his wife's homemade pumpkin pie
Seein that thing pop up on the turkey
23. Who does the Firpo brothers give the money back to?
The church
Mr. Anderson
The bank
Deputy Timmy
24. The Firpo brothers avoid going to jail by saying they were with Sarah. What were they supposedly doing with Sarah?
Christmas shopping
Baking cookies
Going to church
25. Edna Firpo asks Dave and Alvin, "When are you two gonna get hitched?" What is Alvin's response?
What are we getting hitched to?
We're not even attracted to each other.
You mean, like a carriage?
He hasn't even proposed yet.

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