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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Summer of George
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1. During his summer off, George vows to _____, and play Frolf, which is a mix of Frisbee and golf.
Read a book
Run a 5K
Beat Frogger
Learn to fly
2. George orders a recliner. What, in particular, is very different about it?
It has zebra stripes
It has a built-in reading light
It has a built-in refrigerator
It's built for three people
3. Jerry's got tickets to this awards show.
The Emmys
The Tonys
The Academy Awards
The Golden Globes
4. It's the Tonys. Kramer's attending the ceremony, too, as a seat filler. His responsibilities upgrade considerably when he's brought up on stage to help receive an award for this show.
Rochelle Rochelle
Prognosis Negative
The Clay People
Scarsdale Surprise
5. This real-life actress is the star of Scarsdale Surprise and even makes an appearance in the episode.
Bette Midler
Raquel Welch
Bernadette Peters
Stockard Channing
6. Speaking of guest stars, two other actresses guest on this episode of Seinfeld, too. Who?
Audra McDonald and Kristen Chenoweth
Kristen Chenoweth and Molly Shannon
Amanda Peet and Molly Shannon
Audra McDonald and Amanda Peet
7. Elaine makes a joke about one of her co-workers and is called "catty" for doing so. What does she critique?
That her co-worker eats too loudly
That her co-worker never takes the elevator
That her co-worker doesn't use a computer
That her co-worker doesn't swing her arms when she walks
8. Kramer is allowed to keep his Tony if he does this.
Fires Raquel
Redesigns the set
Accepts a part in the play
Choreographs a dance number
9. Jerry learns that the girl he's dating, Lanette, is hosting a dinner party, so he asks George to handle the invitations. At the store, the clerk remembers George from a year ago and asks, "How did that all work out?" George replies: "_____."
Oh, you know...
Fine, just fine
It's a long story
No complaints
10. Like Susan a year ago, it's now George in the hospital. What happened?
He slipped on a Frisbee
He slipped on a can of soda
He slipped on the invitations
He slipped on, apparently, nothing

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