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How Well Do You Know: Animal House
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1. The film opens with a statue of Faber College's founder, Emil Faber, as well as the school's motto, which is:
You've Tried The Best, Now Try The Rest
Knowledge Is Good
Where Tests And Co-Eds Are Easy
The Hardest Drinking College In The Country
2. Which one of these are not prospective Omegas with whom Kent and "Lonnie" should have plenty to talk about, according to Greg Marmalard?
3. Otter's date for the night is said to have "major league":
4. According to Dean Wormer, which is not a prank that the Deltas have played in the past?
Dumping fizzies into the swimming pool
Dressing the ROTC horses in women's clothing and makeup
Throwing underwear into the trees
Delivering cadavers to the alumni dinner
5. Kevin Bacon's film debut is as an Omega. What is his character's name?
Doug Neidermeyer
Greg Marmalard
Fred Dorfman
Chip Diller
6. What word does Professor Jennings write on the chalkboard during his lecture on "Paradise Lost", which he says has terrible jokes?
7. With which type of girl does Boon want to set up Pinto?
One with possibly questionable hygeine
One with a morally casual attitude
One with a "hearty appetite"
One with a less-than-average IQ
8. What would Pinto like to get from Professor Jennings?
A passing grade
A room for next semester
An apple
9. If Flounder hates Neidermeyer's guts, then obviously he must hate his _______________ as much!
10. Which does Otter not offer Mandy Pepperidge in the cafeteria?
Thigh massage
11. Who told the Deltas that they stole the wrong test?
The Jewish House
The Omegas
The Young Republicans
12. "It's not gonna be an orgy! It's a toga party!" Where do the Deltas go to pick up girls for the party?
The laundromat
The Omega House
The Food King
Emily Dickinson College
13. Otter's cucumber is larger than whose?
Mandy Pepperidge's
Sissy's (Flounder's steady girl)
Carmine De Pasto's
Marion Wormer's
14. How does Pinto get his date back home after the toga party?
A stumbling walk home
A shopping cart
A taxi
Bluto's shoulders
15. What is Boon not going to let Faber College do?
Take a dump on the Deltas
Take away their right to take advantage of their female partygoers
Remove the Delta's float from the homecoming parade
Bad-mouth the United States of America
16. How did Fawn Leibowitz die?
Forest fire
Kiln explosion
Body paint asphyxiation
17. In what is Pinto's date majoring?
Primitive cultures
Women's studies
African-American literature
18. Flounder's upset because the Deltas wrecked his brother's car. Which isn't a way Bluto attempts to cheer him up?
Making a kissy noise
Crushing a can on his head
Doing a backflip and falling
Smashing a beer bottle on his head
19. "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Which Delta has no GPA?
20. The possibly brain-damaged Stork has one line in the film, which is:
"Seven years of college down the drain"
"What's this lyin' around shit?"
"It was Greggie and Dougie and some of the other Hitler youth"
"What the hell we s'posed to do, ya moron?"
21. Why does Otter suggest doing a futile and stupid gesture to get back at the Omegas instead of conventional warfare?
The ROTC has guns
The Deltas are pacifists at heart
It would take years and cost millions of lives
They couldn't get away with it during the parade
22. Pinto picks up his date from the party for a sexy night on the football field, and they both have bombshells to drop. Which is not one of them?
After the party, they almost had to pump her stomach
She's also been sleeping with Professor Jennings
He's a virgin
She's only thirteen
23. Who asks for 10,000 marbles?
24. The Deltas end up putting a float in the homecoming parade. Their "Eat Me" cake float ends up turning into the:
Delta Destroyer
Omega Crusher
25. What do the closing credits tell us to do at Universal Studios?
Ask for Babs
Eat a "Delta pie"
Ride the movies
Not mention Bluto

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