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How Well Do You Know: National Lampoon's Vacation
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1. Clark W. Griswold decides to take the family on a trip to Walley World (in California) from good ol':
2. The Griswolds get lost after taking the wrong exit off the highway, and need to ask for directions. The helpful folks in the ghetto respond by:
stealing the hubcaps off the car
holding up the Griswolds
using the Griswold's car as a barricade during a shoot-out with police
completely ignoring them, refusing to help
3. As Clark is being given directions back onto the freeway (and the car's hubcaps are being stolen), Rusty wonders if the men "helping" them know:
The Commodores
Stevie Wonder
The Supremes
Michael Jackson
4. Clark sneaks up on Ellen in the motel while she's showering, pretending to attack her ala "Psycho", using ________ as a weapon.
a vibrator
a banana
a hairbrush
a toothbrush
5. Clark surprises Ellen with a romantic night alone in the motel. What happens that sends the children running into the room, spoiling the plan?
the wine makes them sick
Ellen has food poisoning
the vibrating bed goes haywire
a gunman robs their rooms at gunpoint
6. Clark taunts the bartender at a historic Dodge City saloon. The bartender responds by:
calling the police
hitting on Audrey
kissing Ellen
shooting at him
7. Ellen really wants to get to her cousin Catherine's house, but Clark wants to take a detour first. Where does he want to go?
Barbie Museum
Rubber Band Factory
Museum of Museums
House of Mud
8. The license plate on the sexy blonde stranger's car reads:
9. Rusty and Audrey find little common ground with their farmer cousins, but later bond over:
nudie magazines and marijuana
wine they made themselves
a slaughtered pig
cookies and milk
10. What does Cousin Eddie give to Clark as a departing gift as the Griswolds leave for Phoenix with Aunt Edna?
a snakeskin belt
a six-pack of beer
a pair of shoes
gas money
11. Clark is pulled over by a motorcycle cop after leaving the campsite - why?
Clark had finally been caught speeding
the officer wanted to search Audrey's purse for drugs
the officer noticed Edna's dog's collar and leash hanging from the rear bumper
Edna was wanted for theft in Kansas
12. Clark has a pep talk and shares a beer with Rusty before:
hiking to find a service station after crashing the car
telling Ellen he is going to leave her for the sexy blonde stranger
talking to him about sex
going to find the luggage that fell off the car's roof
13. Poor, horrible Aunt Edna - she dies in the car somewhere around Flagstaff. What do the Griswolds do with her?
tie her to the roof with the luggage and leave her tied to a lawn chair in her son's back yard
leave her in the middle of the desert and call her son to come pick her up
throw her out of the car in front of the first funeral home they pass
"accidentally" drop her off the ledge into the Grand Canyon
14. While at the motel bar, Clark tells the sexy stranger that he works as:
a government official
the owner of the motel chain
manager of a competing bar
an agent, looking for new models to represent
15. Ellen becomes aware of Clark skinny dipping with the sexy stranger after:
catching them disrobing by the pool
hearing Clark scream that the water was cold
inviting the stranger back to their room for a little fun
Audrey and Rusty see him in the pool and report it to Ellen
16. Where does Clark go immediately after finding out that Walley World is closed for renovations?
the hotel
a sporting goods store
a liquor store
the police station
17. Lasky the Walleyworld guard, being forced at gunpoint to escort the Griswolds on the rides, informs Rusty that:
he has activated a silent alarm and police will be there to arrest Clark shortly
he was sick the last time he rode a rollercoaster
he is interested in Ellen
he has a stun gun and will be using it on Clark after the ride ends
18. After the SWAT team shows up and the police arrest the Griswolds, Clark tells Roy Walley about the "trip from hell". He says that the Griswolds could have gone ANYWHERE on vacation, and when he asks the kids to tell Roy where they wanted to go, Rusty replies:
Las Vegas
19. The closing credits feature pictures showing the Griswolds' trip to Walleyworld and the people they meet along the way. The final picture shows how the Griswolds got home, via:
20. Vacation is filled with many recognizable character actors, some of whom were already established actors, and others who were just starting out but are now stars. Which of these actors did NOT have a role in Vacation?
Eugene Levy
Bill Murray
Jane Krakowski
James Keach
By way of explanation.....
Bill's brother Brian Doyle-Murray had a role as the desk clerk at the camping site.

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