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How Well Do You Know: Prep and Landing
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1. In the introduction, what type of stirring creature is sparkled?
A dog
A cat
A hamster
A child
2. Wayne's call sign is:
Lord A-Leaping
Jack Frost
Stocking Stuffer
Little Drummer Boy
3. At the beginning of the program, Wayne has applied for this position, which he assumes he'll get:
Head Reindeer Wrangler
Vice President, New Toy Development
Director of the Naughty List
Director of the Nice List
4. Wayne is given a fruit cake by:
A toy maker elf
A coal elf
A sugar plum fairy
A sleigh mechanic elf
5. Referring to Lanny, Magee says: "Top of his class at Kringle Academy," but then has to add "...It was a small class" as Lanny:
Tries to open a door
Tries to unwrap a candy cane
Takes delight in the fruitcake
Spell "Ho ho ho"
6. Throughout the program, a tiny elf assistant is constantly by Magee's side. What is the elf's name?
Tiny, of course
7. "I *am* a myth." Lanny comes face to face with which fabled, no-nonsense reindeer?
8. We learn when Santa is getting ready for take-off that his call sign is:
Candy Cane
Bowl Full of Jelly
9. When Timmy photographs him, Wayne is:
Cutting down the chimney tree
Unraveling the stockings
Watching TV
Making a replica of Santa out of soot
10. Wayne and Lanny fall seriously behind schedule in getting the house prepped because:
They have to fix the damaged Christmas tree
They have to put Timmy to bed
Timmy crushes their equipment when he gets sparkled
They get cornered by Timmy's dog
11. What is the code that Magee uses to abort Santa's approach to Timmy's house?
Roasted Chestnut
Figgy Pudding
Egg Nog
Ebenezer Scrooge
12. Wayne and Lanny use this to illuminate the landing site:
A Yule log
Toy trains
An inflatable lawn ornament
13. With the sled safely landed, Magee:
Dances with delight
Collapses at her desk
Kisses Tiny
Shakes her fist at a photo of Wayne
14. Santa gives a contrite Wayne _________ to give him a window into Timmy's Christmas morning:
An ornament
A snow globe
A magic mirror
15. At the end of the program, Wayne is:
Director of the Naughty List
Director of the Nice List
Foreman of the coal elves
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