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How Well Do You Know: Trading Places
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1. Louis Winthorpe's servant Coleman seems to do everything for Louis. What DOESN'T he do for Louis every morning?
Shave him
Chauffeur him
Read him the newspaper
Help dress him
2. Billy Ray claims to be blind and cripple, supposedly having been hurt in Vietnam. He claims that when he was with the Green Berets, Specialist Tactics Union Battalion, that this was his name:
Agent White
Agent Black
Agent Green
Agent Orange
3. Finish Billy's phrase, "I can't be going to jail cause some _______ ain't watching where he's going."
Dump ass
Ass wipe
Dip sh*t
Dick head
4. Billy Ray claims a lot of stuff happened to him when he was arrested. Which of the following isn't on the list?
They called out the SWAT team
The police used tear gas
He cut up a man with his hands
He took on ten cops
5. Finish Billy's phrase: "karate men bruise on the inside, so they don't show their weaknesses. But you don't know about that, cause your a ___________-looking motherfu**er."
Neil Carter
Barry White
King Kong
6. What kind of technique does Billy Ray use to draw blood from a person's body?
Half Blood
Pint of blood
Full Blood
Quart of blood
7. How much money did Randolph and Mortimer Duke bet on Louis and Billy?
Ten dollars
One dollar
Five dollars
Two dollars
8. Billy Ray doesn't trust the Dukes. He asked their chauffeur, "This is a practical joke right, so these dudes are a couple of ________ right?"
9. The Duke brothers frame Louis as a thief. How much money did he supposedly steal?
10. The corrupt cop who books Louis into jail is the famous voice of a Sesame street character. What character is he the voice of?
Oscar the Grouch
By way of explanation.....
That was Frank Oz as the cop
11. The Dukes really mess up Louis's life. What DON'T they do to him?
Freeze his accounts and credit cards
Get is fiancee to leave him
Have him charged with selling PCP
Have him beat up in jail
12. Billy Ray doesn't believe everything in his new house belongs to him. What does he break to prove his point?
13. Penelope is furious when she comes to get Louis out of jail. What finally pushes her over the edge to break up with him?
He's been charged with dealing drugs
He's now broke
A hooker acts like he's her pimp
He's been fired
14. Billy Ray throws a party at his house, and he soon regrets. Which is not on the list of the guests' transgressions?
Not using coasters
Breaking things in the home
Putting cigarettes out on his floor
There's a naked girl in his bed
15. Louis Meets a hooker, who gets paid to make Penelope mad. He tells her his wild story about being framed. What's the only reason that she believes him?
His sincerity
His eyes
His smile
His hands
16. Louis is impressed by the hooker's name being Ophelia. What Shakespeare play is it from?
King Lear
17. The Dukes explain to Billy Ray about some stocks they buy and sell. They use each of the following commodities in their lecture, aside from:
Frozen orange juice
Pork bellies
18. Randolph is trying to make Billy Ray out to be a thief. What does he drop on purpose, in hopes Billy will steal it?
His watch
His wallet
His money clip
His gold cufflinks
19. Maybe the cracker-est song ever on film is sung by Louis's ex-friends. These guys sing about four different girls. Who DIDN'T they mention in their song?
20. How much money is Louis's watch worth in Philadelphia?
21. Billy Ray has learned a thing or two at Duke and Duke. What type of stock does he make predictions on buying cheaply?
Pork bellies
22. What does Louis plant in Billy Ray's office to try and frame him?
A gun
Stolen goods
23. Where is Billy Ray hiding when he hears about the Dukes' bet?
In a closet
Behind a desk
Behind a door
In a bathroom stall
24. Where is Louis when he tries to kill himself by overdosing?
In the bath tub
On the couch
In bed
On the toilet
25. Finish Billy's phrase: "You can't just go around shooting people in the _______ with a shotgun, cause you're pissed at them."
Knee cap
26. Mr. Nanga Eboko is a exchange student from Cameroon. Nanga knows what time it is. It's ______ time! There's plenty you know?
Ham bone
Beef jerky
Pig on a stick
27. What does Coleman dress up as on the train?
Irish priest
28. Billy Ray, Louis, Coleman and Ophelia have to get rid of Beeks. What do they dress him up as?
Baggage handler
29. What type of commodity do the Duke's try to get top secret information on?
Orange juice
Pork bellies
30. At the end of the movie, we see Billy Ray on a tropical island. Where is Louis in the last scene?
In the water
On the beach
On a boat
In a cabana

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