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How Well Do You Know: Home for the Holidays
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1. What does Claudia do for a living?
She paints
She's an architect
She restores paintings
She's in advertising
2. Claudia's day just starts out bad. After her boss fires her, how does she react?
Hits him
Cusses him out
Kisses him
3. Claudia's daughter Kitt makes a shocking announcement to her. What does Kitt say to her mom?
I'm pregnant
I'm gonna lose my virginity
I'm getting married
I'm gay
4. Claudia always goes to her happy thought when she's distressed. What's her happy thought?
Walking in the woods
Floating in a hot air balloon
Dancing in the rain
Floating with the fish
5. Claudia's mom is really nervous about her husband's driving. She thinks one day he'll mow down:
The elderly crossing the street
A whole troop of cub scouts
Kids on their way to soccer practice
Girl Scouts selling cookies
6. Finish this phrase: "You should see your dad's ________. He can't keep his hands off it."
7. Claudia's mom reads a letter from Dear Abby. The author thinks the President of the United States secretly owns what?
Burger King
Home Shopping Channel
8. Claudia is walking down the street when she runs into two of her old classmates. What is she completely embarrassed about?
She's carrying groceries
That fact she's walking
Her hair
Her ugly coat
9. Claudia's aunt Glady asks her something very peculiar: "Would you like to see:"
My ingrown toe nail
A really big boil
A nasty rash
My hairy wart
10. Aunt Glady won some prizes on the Price Is Right. What prize of hers does she give to Claudia and Leo Fish?
Book ends
Picture frames
A lamp
11. Claudia's mom tries to set her up with the furnace repair guy. This guy has had enough bad stuff happen to him to fill a country song. What HASN'T happen to him?
His girlfriend went out and married his best friend
His brother and sister were fired and left town
His house caught fire and burned to the ground
Both parents were killed by a drunk driver
12. Clauda's sister JoAnne is married to a guy named Walter played by an 80's icon. What 80's movie is he best known from?
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Police Academy
13. Claudia's dad Henry says some strange things to God during his Thanksgiving prayer. What is one of them?
Trees are falling over dead, and they shouldn't
Turkey makes us sleepy, so we know you made it special
S**t sticks to the bottom of our shoes, and that's that not right
We rake the leaves, then they fall down again
14. What deep secret does Aunt Glady admit at dinner?
She once was a stripper
She's in love with Walter
She made out with Henry
She gave a baby up for adoption
15. JoAnne's not having a very good Thanksgiving dinner. What gets dumped on her lap?
Cranberry sauce
Hot mashed potatoes
A turkey
16. Claudia's brother Tommy is hanging on to his own little secret. What secret of his does JoAnne tell to everyone?
He got married to a man
He has a boyfriend
He's gay
He wears woman clothes
17. Finish Claudia's phrase, "JoAnne - what a:"
18. In the Larson family, there's a Thanksgiving tradition: every Thanksgiving, Henry has to:
Put up the Christmas lights
Play football
Watch family home movies
Wash everyone's car
19. Finish mom's phrase, "Everybody back in the house, before we're:"
All thrown in jail
In the paper
On the evening news
Completely shamed by the neighbours
20. JoAnne later admits to her sister Claudia. "If I didn't know you, and you gave me your phone number, I would:"
Never call you
Call you
Lose it
Throw it away
21. Henry has a fond memory of his children when they were little. What memory does he share with Claudia?
The kids jumping on the bed
The kids watching a airplane
The kids riding on a train
The kids playing in the ocean
22. Henry asks Claudia, "Penny for your thoughts." What is Claudia's response?
I let him get away, didn't I?
It could have happened, couldn't it?
I should have said yes
I did it again, didn't I?
23. Henry sings a song on the way to the airport. The song is later played towards the end of the movie in a montage of Larson family memories. What is the song?
P.S I Love You
When I Fall in Love
For Sentimental Reasons
The Very Thought of You
24. Leo Fish has a fantasy of drinking something with Claudia. What is it?
Milk shakes
Orange juice
25. What famous actress directed Home for the Holidays?
Sharon Stone
Jodie Foster
Meryl Streep
Julia Roberts
26. Bonus Question: A source of great debate deals with Tommy's new husband. Which famous actor, uncredited in the film, is thought to play the man who marries Tommy?
Mel Gibson
Keanu Reeves
Russell Crowe
Tom Cruise

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