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How Well Do You Know: The Usual Suspects
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1. Which does not correctly match the actor with the character he played?
Benicio Del Toro - Fenster
Pete Postlethwaite - Kobayashi
Kevin Pollak - McManus
Gabriel Byrne - Keaton
2. As the opening credits end, what subtitle appears on the screen?
Somewhere in Los Angeles - last week
San Pedro, California - last night
San Francisco Bay - last evening
San Diego waterfront - Monday night
3. When we first see Keaton in the film, he is trying to line up investors for what endeavor?
Horse breeding
A restaurant
An art dealership
A landscaping business
4. Chazz Palmenteri's character Dave Kujan works with for government agency?
Treasury Department
5. We first hear the name "Keyser Soze" in the film spoken by:
Verbal Kint
Dean Keaton
Dave Kujan
Arkosh Kovash
6. Keaton and his gang get revenge on the cops by busting a crooked police operation known as:
NYPD Special Delivery
The Blue & White Expressway
New York's Finest Taxi Service
Undercover Brothers
7. Edie Finneran, Keaton's lady friend, was a:
8. Keaton and his gang go to California to meet McManus's fence, a man called:
9. At the first meeting between Keaton's gang and Kobayashi, the lawyer details ways in which the hoods had previously unknowingly wronged Keyser Soze. Which of the following was one of the matters listed?
Todd Hockney blew up one of Keyser Soze's planes
Verbal Kint took one of Keyser Soze's couriers in a confidence scam
Keaton stole a shipment of diamonds intended for Keyser Soze
Fenster killed one of Keyser Soze's lawyers
10. When Kobayashi leaves Keaton's crew at their first meeting, he leaves behind a briefcase. What was in it?
Body parts
Dossiers on the criminals
11. Verbal relates to Kujan a story of Keyser Soze from his days in Turkey. Which of the following is a detail of the story?
Keyser Soze grew up in Germany
Keyser Soze swore revenge on Americans
Keyser Soze killed his own wife and children
Keyser Soze worshipped the devil
12. Who tried to run rather than working for Keyser Soze and ended up dead on the beach?
13. Keaton's gang attempted to get revenge on Kobayashi by ambushing him in:
A bathroom
A parking garage
An elevator
His house
14. Keaton gave a dismal appraisal of the prospects for completing the job on the boat. What was McManus's response?
There's nothing that can't be done
I'm doing this for Fenster
You can count me out
Yippee kay-yay, Mister Falcon
15. In his preparation to fire on the boat, McManus counted, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7..." and disparaged what noted assassin?
Lee Harvey Oswald
Sirhan Sirhan
Jack Ruby
John Wilkes Booth
16. Who was the first to be shot during the raid on the boat?
17. What was the dollar value of the deal that was supposed to take place on the boat?
$45 million
$91 million
$125 million
$141 million
18. How did McManus die?
He was shot
He was strangled
He was stabbed
He died in an explosion
19. Agent Kujan revealed to Verbal the following about Keaton's past:
Keaton was an orphan
Keaton had been a crooked cop
Keaton was Kobayashi's brother
Keaton was born in Turkey, as was Keyser Soze
20. Kujan realizes that Verbal got the name Kobayashi:
From a wanted poster on the wall
From a movie poster on the wall
From the bottom of a coffee cup
From a baseball card on the desk
21. "Hand me the keys, you f*cking cocks*cker!" No, this wasn't a line from Deadwood, but rather an important line in The Usual Suspects. What was its significance?
It was the last thing that Kujan said to Verbal before releasing him
It was the last thing Keaton said before he died
It was the first thing that Keaton said to Kobayashi
It was the line that the crew had to repeat in the police lineup
22. What type of drugs was supposed to be on the boat?
23. What is the final line in the film?
But that's a story for another time
And like that, he's gone
Don't make me angry
There is no Keyser Soze
24. The signature shot of the film is the lineup that the "suspects" were in. Various movie posters show different versions of the lineup. As shown on screen which is the correct order that the hoods stood, from left to right?
25. The film won two Academy Awards. Christopher McQuarrie won for Original Screenplay. The second award went to:
Original Score
Gabriel Byrne for Lead Actor
Kevin Spacey for Supporting Actor
Bryan Singer for Directing

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