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How Well Do You Know: The Iron Giant
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1. Where does Hogarth's mother, Annie, work?
Ace's Diner
Chat N Chew Diner
Mom's Place
2. Hogarth loses his new pet in the diner. What is it?
3. Hogarth hears a noise outside but decides to suit up for battle first before investigating. Which item does he not utilize for his reconnaissance mission?
Duct tape
Hockey stick
4. What year is the setting for The Iron Giant?
5. What is the name of Hogarth's favorite superhero comic book?
Machine Man
Metal Madness
Red Menace
6. When Hogarth first encounters the Iron Giant, which of his toys is crushed?
BB gun
Comic book
7. What does the Iron Giant need to eat in order to provide sustenance?
Soylent Green
8. How does the ruthless Kent Mansley know that Hogarth saw the robot?
Annie accidentally reveals it at dinner.
Fisherman Tom sees him with the "giant metal man".
He finds a broken toy with the boy's name on it.
Satellite communications tracked the meteor to his yard.
9. What catastrophe causes the Iron Giant to initially reveal his talent for re-assembly?
Car wreck
Power plant entanglement
Train wreck
10. In the scene where Hogarth gives the Iron Giant an education in terminology, three extremely heavy items are held up by the otherwordly robot. Which of these is not one of the three?
Ford Thunderbird
On/Off switch
11. Espresso is like...
Three all-nighters in one sip.
Downtown Coolsville, population us.
A party in your mouth, and everyone's invited.
12. What is the headline of Kent Mansley's paper?
Giant metal man???
Mysterious train accident investigated.
Strange lights in night sky
Sudden hurricane rocks seashore
13. What does the billboard for McCoppin Scrap say?
For sale
Help wanted
Our junk could be your treasure!
Where art and junk meet!
14. When the government shows up, where does the Iron Giant hide?
Behind the power generator.
In the forest's mountainous region.
In plain sight.
In the sky.
15. What does Hogarth do to trigger the Iron Giant's defense mechanisms?
Flips the switch.
Pleads for help when the military arrives.
Points a gun at him.
Tells him, "You are who you choose to be".
16. When told of the Iron Giant's behavior, what does the general do?
Compliments Mansley for a good call.
Orders a code red.
Orders a pair of fighter jets to chase him.
Relieves Mansley of duty.
17. What part of the Iron Giant signals his body parts to re-assemble?
An antenna on his head
CPU in his neck
His eyes
Index finger trigger
18. When the Iron Giant is armed for battle and targeting a battleship in the ocean, Hogarth tells his friend, "You are what you choose to be." What is the robot's reply?
I am not a gun.
You stay. I go. No follow.
19. Which actor does not have a role as voice talent in The Iron Giant?
Harry Connick Jr.
James Garner
John Mahoney
Vin Diesel
20. What are the last words Hogarth says to the Iron Giant before its collision with the missile?
I love you.
You are who you choose to be.

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