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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 24: The One where Rachel Finds Out
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1. Ross has brought what to Central Perk to show the gang?
A new fossil the museum has
A bunch of pictures of Ben
His new laptop
2. Joey is beginning what "science project" at the NYU Med School?
Blood Study
Twin Study
Fertility Study
3. The guys arrive at Monica and Rachel's to cook for the barbecue. What's the occasion?
Monica got a promotion
Phoebe's birthday
Rachel's birthday
Rachel's new job
4. While discussing Joey's "project", Joey says, "Well, the tough thing is, she really wants to have sex with me." What is Chandler's response?
"Send her my way."
"Not uh!" (sarcastically)
"Yeah but why?"
"Crazy Bitch."
5. Ross informs everyone that he can't attend the party because he has to fly to ___________?
6. Joey's date, Melanie, started a business selling what?
Fruit baskets
Coloring books
7. What's the name of Melanie's company?
Sparkly Gals
Plastic Pals
The Three Basketeers
Color Me Crazy
8. Which of the following is NOT a gift Rachel received for her birthday?
A blouse
Travel Scrabble
A necklace
A Dr. Seuss book
9. Ross bought Rachel a pin that reminded her of one that belonged to whom?
Her brother
Her grandmother
Her aunt
Her best friend from back home
10. Who accidentally breaks the news of Ross's love for Rachel?
11. Rachel goes to the airport to try and talk to Ross before he leaves. He can't hear her yell because:
He has on headphones
He's talking to the captain of the plane
A siren just went off in his ear
A choir group is practicing in the terminal
12. How does Joey avoid having sex with Melanie?
By pretending he's sleeping
By saying he's really sick
Faking a headache
By being "there for her"
13. How much money does Joey make from his fertility study?
14. Where do we see Rachel and Carl on their date?
In a restaurant
At the movies
At a Broadway play
On the balcony of the girl's apartment
15. What's the cliffhanger at the end of the episode?
Ross doesn't get off the plane
Rachel is unsure whether she should go to the airport
Ross getting off the plane with another woman
Ross and Rachel about to kiss

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