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How Well Do You Know: Despicable Me
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Good quiz! I have watched this at least 10 times in the past 3 days due to my 16 month and 16 YEAR old love of this movie. Question 30 though: I believe the Gru's 'plane' was the first to return to size, though nobody really noticed cause the minions were printing out their 'butts'.
cambric 9/3/11 2:39 pm

Gru's airplane was the first object to grow back to it's original size since it had the greatest mass of the objects that had been shrunk at the time. 11/19/13 7:40 am


1. The theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza is discovered when:
A camel kicks it
A cactus is blown into it
A child falls onto it
A missile hits it
2. We meet Gru when he torments a sad child with a:
Balloon animal
Hand buzzer
Water hose
Wind-up toy
3. As Gru assembles the Minions, one of the little yellow guys is delighting in the sound made by a:
Elevator button
Water dispenser
Alarm clock
Deflating balloon
4. In his review of the past year with the Minions, Gru cites their theft of the:
Big Ben clock hands
Golden Gate Bridge
Original Batmobile
Times Square Jumbotron
5. This is Vector's rather annoying catch-phrase in the film:
That's me, baby!
Oh yeah!
6. Dr. Nefario objects to Gru's plan to steal the moon on account of:
Its impracticality
Technological impossibility
Moral turpitude
Lack of funds
7. Which is not a name of one of the orphan girls in the movie?
8. The entrance to the Bank of Evil is through:
A restroom
A janitor closet
A door marked "Secret Entrance"
The vault in the regular bank
9. When he meets Gru, Vector boasts that he commits crimes with:
Magnitude and velocity
Direction and velocity
Magnitude and orientation
Direction and magnitude
10. Vector shows Gru a gun that fires live:
Flesh-eating bacteria
11. Expressing his displeasure with Gru's return on the Bank of Evil's investment, Mr. Perkins crushes:
A Minion
An apple
A photo of Vector
A lemon
12. We see the shrink ray being tested in a secret lab in Southeast Asia on:
A train
An elephant
A whale
An monstrously large shrimp
13. Agnes expresses a fondness for this type of animal, which appears frequently throughout the film:
14. Attempting to access Vector's fortress, Gru disguises himself in ____________ garb:
15. Asking if she knows Spanish, Gru tells Miss Hattie that she has a face like a:
Frying pan
16. Introducing the girls to their living quarters, Gru points out that he has made skimpy arrangements for each of the following, except for:
Pee pee & poo poo
Intellectual stimulation
17. Gru tells the girls that the Minions are:
Greek foreign exchange students
His cousins
Nobel Prize-winning scientists
18. A Minion floats away (eventually, into outer space), thanks to Dr. Nefario's less-than-perfected:
Anti-gravity boots
Super fizzy soda pop
Anti-gravity serum
Anti-gravity ray
19. Gru puts the girls to bed in:
Pig carcases
Old bombs
Hollowed-out alligators
20. The day that Gru plans to steal the shrink ray coincides with the girls':
Parent-teacher conferences
Cookie delivery deadline
Dance class
Trip to the zoo
21. As Gru is breaking into Vector's fortress, the girls make fun of Vector's:
Choice of cookies
Warm-up suit
22. This animal pet complicates Gru's escape from Vector's fortress:
A shark
A gorilla
A T-rex
A hyena
23. Gru objects when the girls are taken at an amusement park game, the object of which is to knock down a:
Space ship
24. During his video conference with Mr. Perkins during which their relationship is severed, Gru is:
Attacked by his dog
Hit with the freeze ray
Hit with the shrink ray
Stampeded by Minions
25. Who called Miss Hattie to come to retrieve the girls?
Gru's mother
Dr. Nefario
26. Agnes and the other girls convince Gru to read them a bedtime story about:
27. It should be noted that, due to a household mishap, Gru's spacesuit is:
Several sizes too small
Light green
28. Vector hitches a ride, albeit a brief one, on Gru's space ship thanks to his use of:
Bubble gum
Laffy Taffy
29. As Gru captures the shrunken moon, he sees a ticket float by. What is printed on the ticket?
Petting Zoo
Redeem For One Unicorn
Swan Lake
Beach Party
30. The shrink ray seems to be somewhat faulty, in that its effects are not permanent. What is the first thing that had been shrunken to resume its normal size?
An elephant
The moon
Dr. Nefario
A Minion

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