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How Well Do You Know: The Karate Kid (2010)
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1. Dre's father isn't in the present in the film. Why?
Dre's parents recently divorced
Dre's father had died
Dre had never met his father
Dre's mother wasn't sure who Dre's father was
2. At the beginning of the film, Dre and his mother moved to China from this US city:
3. Upon their arrival in China and throughout the first part of the film, Dre's mother nags him about this bad habit, which turns out to be a big deal later in the film:
He leaves his jacket lying on the floor
He never turns off the light
He leaves the water dripping
He doesn't keep his shoes tied
4. When Dre first meets him, Mr. Han kills a fly with:
A flyswatter
A rolled up newspaper
A shoe
Chopsticks, of course
5. Dre meets his new friend Harry in the park, where Dre embarrasses himself in these two pursuits:
Football and ping pong
Basketball and juggling
Ping pong and riding a bike
Basketball and ping pong
6. The first confrontation between Dre and Cheng occurs just after Mei Ying was:
Watching Dre play ping pong
Feeling Dre's hair
Holding Dre's hand
Laughing at a joke Dre makes
7. Dre is spoken to on his first day at school because he wears:
An earring
A uniform
By way of explanation.....
"We only wear uniforms on Uniform Day"
8. Strolling through the city, Dre and his mother come across a park filled with boys practicing kung fu. What color are the boys wearing?
9. Cheng and his group belong to the Fighting ____________.....
10. ....and their instructor is Master:
11. Dre goes on a field trip to this location with his schoolmates:
Great Wall of China
Forbidden City
Olympic Village
Tiananmen Square
12. _________ sets off the second fight between Dre and Cheng:
A bottle of ink
A soccer ball
A bucket of water
13. Dre and Mr. Han see Master Li strike one of his students. What did the boy do to earn Li's wrath?
He didn't finish his opponent
He was distracted during the match
He disrespected Li's studio
He used bad kung fu form
14. In the middle of Mr. Han's living room is:
A large sculpture of a panda
A fountain
A car
Wind chime
15. Which of the following is not part of the jacket regimen that Mr. Han has Dre go through:
Hang up the jacket
Take off the jacket
Straighten the jacket
Pick up the jacket
16. Dre's mother insists Mr. Han accompanies them to the Qi Xi festival, which corresponds to this holiday:
New Year's Day
Valentine's Day
Veteran's/Remembrance Day
Groundhog Day
17. Dre and Mei Ying kiss while the other festival attendees watch a type of:
Fireworks display
Acrobat exposition
Oragami demonstration
Puppet show
18. Dre and Mr. Han travel into the mountains so that Dre can learn this concept, which he equates to The Force:
19. Dre sees a woman moving synchronously with which type of snake?
Rattle snake
20. Dre and Han's ultimate destination in the mountains is:
Yin Well
Spirit Well
Dragon Well
Source Well
21. "Your focus needs more focus." Mr. Han says this as Dre is:
Standing on train tracks
Doing push-ups
Trying to kick a bell
Inches away from falling into water
22. Mr. Han teaches Dre about anticipation:
Hiding behind a sheet
Hiding in the dark
Hiding behind his car
Hiding in his garden
23. In an arcade, Mei Ying dances to this song for Dre:
I Kissed a Girl
Waking Up in Vegas
You Belong With Me
Poker Face
24. Who did Mr. Han lose in the car accident?
His wife
His wife and daughter
His wife and son
His wife, son and daughter
25. The training montage leading up to the tournament includes all of the following, except for:
Dre training in the rain
Dre training on the Great Wall
Dre doing push-ups and sit-ups
Dre running through traffic
26. The jacket for the tournament which Mr. Han presents to Dre is:
27. Why does Mei Ying's father agree that she can go to Dre's tournament?
He has seen Dre's character
Mei Ying promised that she would
He wants to see Cheng defeated
He is Mr. Han's brother
28. ____ points are required to win each round of the tournament, except for the semi-finals and final, when _____ are required:
4 / 5
2 /4
2 / 3
3 / 4
29. The boy that Cheng defeats in the semi-finals has a distinctive:
Birthmark on his face
Tiger emblem on his jacket
Tattoo on his fist
30. Dre wins the tournament:
With a leaping kick to the back
With a backflip kick
With a hip toss/blow to the ribs
By using the Crane Technique, of course

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