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How Well Do You Know: 2010: The Year in Conan O'Brien
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In an image to promote the debut of his new show, a somewhat startled-looking Conan posed with an owl. What two words appear above the pair?
Startled. Pleasant.
Eager. Vigilant.
Better. Late.
Wild. Nocturnal.
2. Conan admits that he hates the nickname Coco but has embraced it. Which very famous person was responsible for dubbing him Coco and thus creating the Team Coco movement?
Tom Hanks
Will Smith
Oprah Winfrey
Jay Leno
3. If you tuned into The Tonight Show in February, you wouldn't have seen Mr. O'Brien. What was the last date of his iteration of the The Tonight Show?
January 10
January 17
January 22
January 31
4. So, if you did catch his swan song on Jan. 22, you got to see all of the following stop by in person, except:
Steve Carell
Will Ferrell
Neil Young
Willie Nelson
5. This oft-requested classic rock staple played a key role in Conan O'Brien's final Tonight Show appearance:
Free Bird
Stairway to Heaven
Honky Tonk Woman
6. Conan's settlement with NBC totaled a reported $________ million, with part of that sum earmarked to be distributed among his staff:
7. On February 24, Conan began his Twitter account. 24 hours later, his account had more than 300,000 followers. What animal completes his initial tweet? "Today I interviewed ___________ in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me."
An opossum
A mole
A squirrel
A duck
8. For his first post-NBC/Tonight Show interview, Conan sat down with what television news program?
48 Hours
60 Minutes
9. What was the official (awesomely cumbersome) name of Conan's college tour?
An Illegally Sanctioned Evening with Conan O'Brien
The Comedy Show that NBC Doesn't Want You to See Before Midnight Tour
The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour
Contractually Obligated to Not Be Funnier than Leno Tour
10. His comedy tour kicked off in what bustling metropolis?
Saginaw, Michigan
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Eugene, Oregon
Topeka, Kansas
11. Completely contradicting what he has done this year, an interview from the 90s surfaced in which Conan proclaims that he would NEVER ______.
play with his musical guest
leave NBC
work for Ted Turner
relocate to Los Angeles
12. The time had finally come for us to learn what his new talk show would be titled. Which of these images is how he quickly scribbled the title in a web video announcement?

By way of explanation.....
Sadly, he didn't stick with written title 'Conaw' but rather the spoken title 'Conan'.
13. As the dust settled and we learned that Conan would land on TBS, the most obvious absence was Max Weinberg. With Max gone, a long-time band member stepped up as band leader to create _________ and The Basic Cable Band.
Mark Pender
Jimmy Vivino
Jerry Vivino
Ricky Minor
14. Let's get back into 'date' you recall what day his new TBS-based Conan premiered? Of course, you do. It was on _______.
November 1
November 8
November 15
November 22
This is a screencap from a TV spot in which Conan rather saucily washes a desk, while which libidinous rock song plays?
Light My Fire
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Cat Scratch Fever
Cherry Pie
16. This guy wouldn't have been our ideal pick for first guest on Conan's new show but ______ used his couch time with millions watching to talk a lot about marijuana and how he proposed to his girlfriend topless.
James Franco
Woody Harrelson
Seth Rogen
Matthew McConaughey
17. While not on par with an Oprah-sized giveaway, Conan got into the holiday spirit by giving away 20 _______ in 20 days. Of course, these items were accompanied by a new Chevy Cruze.
pine tree fresheners
cases of Armor All
pairs of fuzzy dice
tire gauges
18. More holiday hijinks occurred on his new show with the introduction of what Christmas-themed character?
Surly Santa and his 8 co-dependent reindeer
Minty the candy cane who fell on the ground
Snowy, the not-as-unique-as-he-thinks snowflake
The Dry Humping Polar Bear (brought to you by Coca-Cola)
19. Instead of trying to ignore what the Internet would never allow him to ignore, Conan publicly (and jokingly) apologized to this other late night host for a video bit his show did about Sarah Palin shooting Rudolph two weeks after the other host made a similar joke.
David Letterman
Craig Ferguson
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Fallon
This is a shot from an American Express commercial Conan starred in, in which he goes to unusual lengths to get silk for:
Boxer shorts
A necktie
Stage curtains
Bed sheets

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