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How Well Do You Know: Thinner
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1. What was Billy Halleck's starting weight?
300 pounds
350 pounds
400 pounds
450 pounds
2. What is Billy Halleck's profession?
Business man
3. Billy is defending Richie in a murder for hire trial. What does Billy's daughter Linda call Richie?
Mr. Capone
Mr. Mob
The Godfather
Mr. Mafia
4. How much does Billy's friend Kirk tell Billy to give to the gypsy to show her panties?
5 dollars
25 cents
1 dollar
5 cents
5. Judge Cary is not happy about the gypsies' arrival. What's he NOT worried about with them?
Dog fights
The high school team getting the clap
6. Stephen King likes to play minor roles in his films. What role did he play in Thinner?
Court house clerk
Doctor at the medical center
7. When Billy was getting a present from his wife, he hits a woman with his car. How is the woman related to Lempke?
She's his daughter
She's his wife
She's his sister
She's his niece
8. What was the big lie that Chief Hopley and Billy tells in the case against Billy?
He wasn't driving
He wasn't speeding
He was breathalyzed
The old woman stopped in the road
9. Judge Cary isn't worried about a gypsy curse at the time he was touched...but he is concerned about catching:
10. What does Billy tell the tailor at the suit shop about his new diet?
It's no fun at all
I don't think it's right for you
I don't think you'd like it
I think you'd hate it
11. In the beginning how much weight was Billy losing a day?
3 pounds
2 pounds
5 pounds
4 pounds
12. Who is the first person Billy discusses the possibility of gypsy curses with?
Chief Hopley
13. What does Taddy Lempke turn Judge Cary into?
A toad
The film doesn't say
A lizard
14. What does Taddy Lempke turn Chief Hopley into?
A monster
The film doesn't say
A beast
15. What reason is Billy NOT mad at Doctor Mikey?
He feels sorry for Lempke
He thinks he's sleeping with Heidi
He wants to have him committed
He lying about what's going on with Judge Cary
16. Billy runs into a business man who gives him info on the whereabouts of the gypsies. How much money does the man want to NOT give info to Heidi?
17. How does Judge Cary kill himself?
Hangs himself
Drives off a cliff
Shoots himself
Drives into a gas truck
18. Billy meets a man in a bar who runs the Ferris wheel. What does Lempke know about the man without asking?
His mother is dying
His son is dead
His wife is dead
His brother is dead
19. Billy meets the wrath of Lempke's granddaughter Gina. What is her weapon of choice?
Switch blade
20. Billy has been wounded, by being shot in the hand. Richie sends a doctor to see him. What does the doctor give Billy?
Potassium pills
Vitamin C pills
Iron pills
Vitamin B12 pills
21. Richie hires a man to watch the gypsies. What special pet name does he give the man?
His snitch
His mook
His boy
His bitch
22. Who kills Gina's husband?
She wasn't married
The other gypsies
23. Richie kidnaps and threatens to hurt Gina. What does he threaten her with?
Her slingshot
24. What flavor of pie does Billy tell Heidi that he brought her?
Special flavor
25. Who accidentally eats the pie?
Doctor Mikey

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