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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 22: The One with the Ick Factor
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1. As the gang is hanging out at Central Perk, Rachel shares a dream that she has sex on the coffee table with:
2. Since she's looking for a short term job, Joey suggests that Phoebe go work for Chandler as his:
3. Everyone has seemed to come up with a nickname for Monica's new date. What is it?
Poor Ethan
Smelly Ethan
Short Ethan
Young Ethan
4. Ross bought a beeper so Carol could get a hold of him when she goes into labor. What number for "sex services" is his confused with?
55 Booty
55 Hotty
55 Jumbo
55 Night
5. What office info does Phoebe share with Chandler?
Nobody likes him
His real secretary died
One of his co-worker is gay
He might be fired
6. What does Ethan confess to Monica?
He's married
He's still in high school
He's seeing someone else
He's a runaway from jail
7. Rachel's second dream involves what two guys?
Ross and Chandler
Chandler and Joey
Joey and Ross
Gunther and Ross
8. Finish this quote by Ethan: "I'm actually 30, I have a wife, I have a job, I'm your ___________."
Neighborhood Spiderman
Friendly officer
Best match
9. Rachel finally dreams about Ross but Ross gets excited and accidentally wakes her. What else cuts the moment short?
Barry enters
Monica enters, drunk
Joey exits the bathroom
Carol is going into labor
10. What does Joey bring for the cab ride to the hospital?
A Big Book of Car Games
A Map
A Gameboy
A Huge Sandwich

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