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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 21: The One with the Fake Monica
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1. What item(s) of Monica's get stolen?
Her earrings
Her wallet
Her credit card
Her boots
2. Marcel seems to be going through a humping stage. What of Rachel's does he "take advantage" of?
Her Cabbage Patch Kid
Her Raggedy Ann doll
Her teddy bear
Her Curious George doll
3. While in Central Perk, Joey is trying to figure out a good stage name. With Chandler's help, what does he come up with?
Alolf Himper
Ben Dover
Joesph Stalin
Jeremiah Bullfrog
4. Since Monica wants to meet the "Fake Monica", what class does she go to?
Tap class
Cooking class
Painting class
Candle making class
5. What fake name does Monica use in front of Fake Monica?
6. Why does Ross have to give up Marcel?
He's fighting everyone
He got caught by animal control
He's sick
He's sexually aggressive
7. Ross, Joey and Chandler make the theme of Marcel being accepted into a zoo, like being accepted into a college. Where does Marcel get accepted?
Bronx Zoo
Miami Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Some zoo in South Dakota
8. After Monica and Fake Monica crash an embassy party, Monica shows up back home and says, "I am so _______."
9. What happens to Fake Monica?
She runs away
She dies from alcohol poisoning
She goes to jail
It's never said
10. What stage name does Joey use while auditioning for the part of Mercutio?
Phil McCracken
I. P. Daily
Holden McGroin
Ben Dover

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