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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 20: The One with the Evil Orthodontist
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1. What's ironic about someone spying on the gang at the beginning of the episode?
The person is in jungle camo in Manhattan
The gang spies on Ugly Naked Guy
The "peeper" has five friends
They live in the building the gang used to
2. Complete the quote by Chandler: "No, interestingly enough her ___________ picked up."
Hair dryer
Coffee maker
Leaf blower
3. After Rachel tells the gang that she is going to break it off with Barry, she ends up sleeping with him where?
In Monica's bed
At Mindy's apartment
In his orthodontist's chair
In Central Park
4. What's unusual about Chandler's message he leaves for Danielle, the girl he went on a date with?
He has scripted it out
He talks really fast through it
He talks really slow through it
He's basically yelling the message to her
5. Rachel meets up with Mindy at Mindy's request. Rachel expects the worst, but what does Mindy ask of her?
If she would want to go out to dinner sometime
If she would want to go see a movie
If she could be her maid of honor
If she could be her baby's godmother
6. What do we find out about the peeper?
It's a woman
It's a man
It's Gunther
It's Janice
7. Both Rachel and Mindy go to confront Barry, but what does Mindy decide?
That the wedding is off
That she is going to marry him anyway
That she needs sometime to think
That Rachel and Barry make a better couple than they do
8. What info about Mr. Peanut does Phoebe share with everyone?
That he has three kids
That hes a real person
That he is rich
That he's gay
9. Why couldn't Danielle call Chandler?
He was on the phone every time she tried
Her phone was broken
She didn't want to talk to him
She had the wrong number
10. Why doesn't Chandler want to go back out with her?
She's too needy
She's too nice
Because she wrote down the wrong number
He's "over it"

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