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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Lip Reader
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1. Jerry meets a woman at this tennis tournament.
U.S. Open
Fed Cup
WCT Invitational
GHI Bronx Tennis Classic
2. It's the U.S. Open. What is the woman, Laura, doing there?
She's playing
She's a judge
She's a lines-woman
She's a spectator
3. While watching the tennis match in Jerry's apartment, Kramer sees George on camera scarfing down this food item.
A sundae
A hot dog
An ice cream sandwich
A milkshake
4. Who said it? "I heard you really inhaled that thing. Did anyone tape it?"
George's mother
5. Elaine hates her company's car service because _____.
The car smells
The drivers always insist on driving with the windows open
The drivers are too chatty
The drivers always get lost
6. It's the chatty drivers. So, to avoid conversation, Elaine pretends to be _____.
7. It's deaf. Elaine gets caught in her own game when she overhears that _____ will be getting picked up next by her driver.
Ed Norton
Al Pacino
Woody Allen
Tom Hanks
8. Gwen breaks up with George -- supposedly because of that sundae. What excuse does she use?
She's seeing someone new
"It's not you, it's me"
She's going through a hard time
She doesn't know what she wants
9. George comes up with the idea to use Laura to lip read what Gwen is saying to Todd about George at the party. But, Jerry is suspicious of her abilities when Laura confuses _____ and _____ before the party.
Ten and Tim
Six and sex
Swiss and kiss
No and go
10. Kramer becomes a pro ball boy, but makes a major mistake when he knocks into _____ while trying to retrieve a ball.
Steffi Graf
Martina Navratilova
Monica Seles
Jennifer Capriati

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