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How Well Do You Know: 2010: The Year in Music
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1. Kanye released a new disc at the end of the year. What's its name?
My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy
My Twisted Beautiful Dark Fantasy
My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
2. A UK band discovered itself a hell of a lot richer when graffiti artist Banksy chose the band's name as the title of his first movie project. In return for the name, the band was given an original piece of Banksy art worth $300,000. What's the name?
The Road at the End of the Road
Take the Stairs, Take the Stairs
Exit Through The Gift Shop
All Around and Away We Go
3. _____ was the first musical guest on Conan O'Brien's show on TBS.
Ray LaMontagne
Steve Martin
John Legend
Jack White
4. The music and lyrics of Broadway's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark were composed by musicians from this band.
The Rolling Stones
Stone Temple Pilots
Green Day
5. Who said it? "The Internet has destroyed rock. Children no longer develop social graces. They don't hang out anymore... I'm financially stable. I'm okay. But what about the kids trying to make it in this business? If you're not an established band, if you don't have a hit single, they're gonna drop you."
Jimmy Page
Sammy Hagar
Annie Lennox
Stevie Nicks
6. Glee paid tribute to this musical in an October episode.
The Sound of Music
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Anything Goes
7. Jay Leno got busted when his staff was accused of ripping off a video that had already appeared online. In it, one music artist in particular is repeatedly shown cleaning up at awards shows. Who?
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
8. _____'s new album came out with digital art that’s synchronized to the music.
Arcade Fire
The Swell Season
The Autumn Defense
9. The season finale of American Idol was the least watched finale since the show's debut season. About how many people tuned in?
11 million
17 milion
24 million
32 million
10. This song enjoyed the most weeks atop the Hot 100 number-one singles chart.
"California Gurls" by Katy Perry
"Tik Tok" by Kesha
"Love the Way You Lie" by Rihanna
"OMG" by Usher
11. On fundraising site The Point, "fans" of _____ raised $10 million to get the band to stop making music.
Red Hot Chili Peppers
12. When Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, Justin became the youngest solo male act to top the chart since Stevie Wonder in 1963. How old was the Biebs at the time of the album's release?
13. That same month (April), the controversial video to M.I.A.'s "Born Free" was released. In it, _____ are shown getting beaten violently, shot at and so on.
Little people
Red heads
14. On February 24, 2010, Apple announced that over 10 billion tracks had been downloaded from iTunes. At that time, what song has been downloaded the most times?
"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga
"I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas
"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz
"Disturbia" by Rihanna
15. After five studio albums, beginning with Can't Take Me Home in 2000, Pink released her first greatest hits album. What's it called?
The Pink Album
And These are My Hits
The Good Ones
Greatest Hits... So Far!!!
16. In a video that went viral, Australian comedy group Axis Of Awesome made the argument (rather convincingly!) that most every hit song is composed of the same basic chords. How many?
17. These rockers performed a medley of hits at the Super Bowl in February.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Who
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
The Doobie Brothers
18. Of the following, who didn't appear as himself/herself in Get Him to the Greek?
Lars Ulrich
Christina Aguilera
Paul McCartney
19. Dudes from this group appeared as a pair of artsy camp counselors on the season premiere of The Simpsons.
Broken Social Scene
Flight of the Concords
20. _____ won Best New Artist at the Grammys.
Zac Brown Band
Keri Hilson
The Ting Tings

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