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How Well Do You Know: Firestarter
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1. Andy McGee wants a taxi cab driver to drive him and Charlie to the airport. He hands the driver a one dollar bill. How much does he tell the driver he gave him?
2. What is the name of the experimental drug tested on Charlie's parents?
Lot 4
Lot 9
Lot 7
Lot 6
3. What is the name of the agency that ran the experiments and is now after the McGees?
The Store
The Market
The Shop
The Center
4. Why does Andy want to go to the airport?
To get on a plane
To find a place to eat
To rob vending machines
To rob payphones
5. Charlie gets really mad at a soldier for being mean to his girlfriend, so she sets __________ on fire:
His hat
His boots
His jacket
His sleeve
6. Andy has a flashback of Charlie getting mad at her mom and setting her on fire. What of her mom did Charlie burn?
Her hair
Her arms
Her hands
Her toes
7. The agents of The Shop killed and tortured Vicky, Charlie's mom. How did they torture her?
Pulled her fingernails out
Beat her
Slit her throat
Pulled her hair out
8. Andy McGee goes after the agents trying to kidnap Charlie. What does he say to them to really mess them up?
You're deaf
You're blind
You're dead
You're retarded
9. Charlie introduces herself to people using what alias?
10. In which place does Charlie first kill a person by fire?
The airport
The shop
A farm
A cabin
11. Why does Irv Manders want to help out Andy and Charlie so badly?
He hates the government
He doesn't want to be a traitor
He hates police
He doesn't want to be like a Nazi
12. Where do Andy and Charlie decide to go hide out?
Andy's mother's place
Charlie's grandfather's place
Charlie's aunt's place
Andy's brother's place
13. Andy and Charlie get turned in by nosy old folks. What are they doing when the tattletales spot them?
Grocery shopping
Eating lunch
Mailing letters
14. What's the name of the dark, scary man who is after Charlie?
Night Wind
Black Feather
15. Where does Rainbird hide in order to catch Andy and Charlie?
The lake
Their cabin
A tree
Their jeep
16. To get closer to Charlie, Rainbird disguises himself as a:
Stable boy
17. John the janitor gains Charlie's trust by pretending to be scared of something. What does he claim to be afraid of?
Small spaces
The dark
18. The Shop wanted to find out if Andy still had his powers. What is Andy supposed to make a man drink?
Salt water
Tabasco sauce
19. Charlie is not happy about her first fire demonstration. What is she so mad about?
She was being threatened into doing it
It was too hard
It was too easy
She wanted her dad to be there
20. Charlie finds happiness riding horses. What is the name of Charlie's favorite horse?
21. Captain Hollister (Martin Sheen) wants to send Andy far away. Where does he plan on sending him?
Costa Rica
22. Andy tries out his mind tricks on Captain Hollister. What does he trick the captain into believing?
There's a snake by his foot
There's a spider crawling on him
He's holding a spider
He's holding a snake
23. What is the reason Charlie gives The Shop agents to let her go out at night?
She wants to go night riding
She wants to catch fire flies
She wants to sleep outside
She wants dinner outside
24. Who kills Captain Hollister?
25. What are Charlie's last words, after setting the entire compound on fire?
I love you, daddy
I did it, daddy
For you, daddy
For us, daddy

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