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How Well Do You Know: Misery
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1. The star of the movie, James Caan is probably best known, from what mob movie?
2. What city and state was the movie set in?
Bangor, Maine
Silvercreek, Colorado
Derry, Maine
Boulder, Colorado
3. Paul Sheldon needs three things after completing a book. Which isn't part of his ritual?
Bottle of Dom Perignon
2 Glasses
1 match
4. Who is the first person to report Paul missing?
His editor
His ex-wife
His daughter
His agent
5. What is the sheriff's name?
6. Annie wants to read the novel that Paul had just completed. What was the reason she freaks out after reading it?
Too many curse words
Too much pornography
It wasn't about Misery
He killed Misery in the story
7. After Paul is reported missing, the sheriff goes looking for signs of his disappearance. What was his first clue that something bad might have happened to Paul?
Tire tracks swerving off the cliff
His flipped over car
A broken tree limb
8. Annie is furious and attacks Paul. What doe he do to get her so upset?
Nothing she's crazy
He killed Misery
He complained about the food
He said he wanted to leave
9. Annie gently prompts Paul to burn his book by:
Spilling lighter fluid on his bed
Attacking him
Threatening to burn him
Withholding food
10. Paul tells Annie that she bought the wrong writing supplies. What did Annie buy that was wrong?
Typing ink
11. Finish this phrase, "You better start to show me, more appreciation around here, ________?"
Mr. Dirty Birdie
Mr. Big Shot
Mr. Man
12. Paul finds a way to open the door and starts hatching a idea of escape. What is his first idea of how to kill Annie?
Poison her
Hit her over the head
Strangle her
Stab her
13. What type of pet does Annie have?
14. What is Annie's favorite musician?
Frank Sinatra
Johnny Mathis
Barry Manilow
15. Complete this phrase, "He didn't get out of the __________ car!"
16. What first tips Annie off that Paul's been leaving his room?
Her pig statue is moved
A chair was been moved
Her penguin statue is moved
Her telephone was been moved
17. The second time Paul left his room, how did Annie find out?
A knife was missing
He forgot to close a door
Pain pills were missing
Her scrap book was opened
18. The sheriff started to suspect Annie's involvement in Paul's disappearance. He is tipped off by each of the following, except:
Her buying writing supplies
Her quoting the book at her trial
Her obsession over buying Misery books
She speaks to others about how much she loves Paul Sheldon
19. Annie breaks both of Paul's ankles. What does she call this procedure?
20. What did Annie immediately say to Paul, after hitting him with the sledge hammer?
I forgive you
I love you
Thank you
I'm sorry
21. What is the crime Annie was accused of?
Killing babies
Torturing the invalid
Killing the elderly
Becoming violent with patients
22. Annie drags Paul into the basement when the sheriff comes over. What does Paul do to first alert the sheriff he's down there?
Bangs on pipes
Knocks a ladder over
Screams real loud
Knocks a grill over
23. How does Paul finally kill Annie?
Hits her with a type writer
Rams burnt paper down her throat
Hits her with pig statue
Sets her on fire
24. 18 months after the incident with Annie, Paul is almost back to normal....except that:
He has permanent damage to his shoulder
He's afraid of people
He walks with a cane
He has constant nightmares
25. At the end of the movie, Paul thinks he sees Annie again. What does he see Annie dressed as?
Store clerk
Flight attendant

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