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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 19: The One Where the Monkey Gets Away
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1. What does Rachel's mom send her in the mail every so often for inspiration?
Pictures of her on a yacht
Magazine cut outs of happy couples
Engagement notices
A picture of Oprah
2. Who does Rachel find out is engaged?
Larry and Mindy
Barry and Cindy
Larry and Cindy
Barry and Mindy
3. Joey says he doesn't need to see Hugh Grant frolic, but instead of saying Hugh he says...?
4. What kind of show are Rachel and Marcel watching before she loses him?
Late Night Talk Show
Soap Opera
Murder Mystery
5. Trying to distract Ross, Rachel says she feeling a little crazy and suggests they go where?
The Empire State Building
The Bronx
6. Who does Rachel call to help find Marcel?
Animal Control
The police
7. Why does Luisa, the Animal Control lady, dislike Monica and Rachel?
They accidentally slammed the door on her face
They ignored her in high school
They ignored her in college
The accidentally pushed her down while they were looking for Marcel
8. Who gets shot in the ass by the tranquilizer?
9. Ross and Rachel find Marcel by following a delivery man carrying a crate full of what?
Stuffed animal monkeys
Jungle toys
Giant monkey suit
10. Just as Ross is preparing to confess his feelings to Rachel, who bursts through the door?

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