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How Well Do You Know: Chinatown
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1. What character's voice do we first hear in the opening scene in Chinatown?
Jake Gittes
Evelyn Mulwray
Noah Cross
2. In addition to the $20 daily for his associates, and his bonus if he shows results, what does Gittes say his usual fee is?
$25 per day
$35 per day
$45 per day
$55 per day
3. What does Evelyn Mulwray order to drink when she meets Gittes for dinner?
Tom Collins with lime
Gin and Tonic
Whiskey Sour with no ice
White wine, dry
4. Who do Gittes and his associate spy on while in a row boat?
Hollis Mulwray and a blonde woman
Evelvyn Mulwray and her father
Evelyn Mulwray and Hollis Mulwray
Noah Cross and a blonde woman
5. What newspaper does Gittes read at the public water hearing?
Racing Record
Sports Weekly
6. What surprising event interrupts the water hearing, which until that point had been quite boring?
A kid lets a chicken loose
A county councilman drops dead of a heart attack
A postal employee dumps a bag of mail onto a table
A farmer brings in a herd of sheep
7. After Gittes has lunch with Noah Cross, where does he go next?
The Hall of Records
The Department of Water and Power
His office
The Orange groves
8. What is Gittes' phone number?
9. As Gittes reads over a list of names of people who recently purchased land in the valley, he notices the name "Jaspar Lamar Crabb." Where does he recognize that name from?
His picture was on the wall in Hollis Mulwray's office
Gittes arrested him once in Chinatown
It was in the obituary column
He spoke at the public water hearing
10. What is the name of the reservoir where Gittes gets attacked at night?
Oak Pass
L.A. River
11. In a cameo role, who played the knife-wielding psycho who slices up Gittes' nose?
Peter Fonda
Robert Evans
George Lucas
Roman Polanski
12. Who calls Gittes in the middle of the night to say that Ida Sessions wants to see him?
We never find out
13. As Evelyn Mulwray tells the story about her daughter, where does she say she ran away to?
The Northwest Valley
14. What does Gittes keep in his car's glove compartment?
A nudie picture
A few dozen pocket watches
A box of miniature pencils
A bottle of whiskey
15. After Cross has trouble remembering, Gittes reminds him that Cross and Hollis Mulwray last saw one another when?
3 days ago, outside the Pig 'n Whistle
3 days ago, outside the Albacore Club
5 days ago, outside the Pig 'n Whistle
5 days ago, outside the Albacore Club
16. After Gittes meets Russ Yelburton, Deputy Chief of the Dept. of Water and Power, who does he run into in the hallway?
Claude Mulvihill
Lieutenant Escobar
Evelyn Mulwray
17. What is the real name of the woman who originally pretends to be Evelyn Mulwray?
Abigail Finestein
Katherine Cross
Kitty Berman
Ida Sessions
18. Who does Lieutenant Escobar think killed Hollis Mulwray?
Noah Cross
Jake Gittes
Evelyn Mulwray
Claude Mulvihill
19. Who says the film's famous closing line, "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown"?
20. In 1990 the sequel to Chinatown, The Two Jakes, was released. However, it's financial and critical shortcomings meant that the third film of a planned trilogy would never get made. What was the proposed title to part three?
Orange County

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