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How Well Do You Know: Galaxy Quest
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1. Star Trek has it’s Trekkies. What are Galaxy Quest fans known as?
2. Alexander Dane received 5 curtain calls playing which character?
Richard III
3. The registry number for the Galaxy Quest ship is NTE (Not The Enterprise) 3120. What is the ship’s name?
4. Shown at Galaxy Con for the first time since 1982, what episode number is referred to as the “lost episode”?
5. Guy Fleegman played Crewman #6 in Episode 81 and died before the first commercial. What killed him?
Chompy, crushy things
A Horta
A lava monster
6. Where are the Thermians from?
The Klaatu Nebula
The Rings of Barada
The Moons of Nikto
The Gort Galaxy
7. The cast of Galaxy Quest attend the Grand Opening of what store?
Buy More
Buy n Large
Tech Value Electronics Superstore
8. What integral piece of the ship fractures after an attack by Sarris?
The warp core
The ion engine
The beryllium sphere
The flux capacitor
9. Central to their plight, what concept is alien to the Thermians?
10. Tech Sargent Chen returns Taggart to the ship using what device?
Tractor beam
Digital conveyor
Analog escalator
11. What is Grignak?
Sarris’s ship
A rock monster
A pig-lizard
A Mak’tar delicacy
12. Guy, ever resourceful, suggests that Taggart build what device to defeat Grignak?
A bamboo cannon
A pulsar beam
A rudimentary lathe
A rock polisher
13. Brandon is interrupted in helping the crew of the Protector to complete what chore for his mother?
Wash the dishes
Walk the dog
Put away his laundry
Take out the trash
14. What is the Omega 13 device?
A matter rearranger enabling time travel
The anti-matter drive of the Protector
The weapon Sarris uses to destroy Thermia
A magnetic mine
15. After his ship is destroyed, Sarris infiltrates the command deck of the Protector disguised as which crewmember?
Tawny Madison
Dr. Lazarus
Tech Sargent Chen
16. Which Thermian confesses to Dr Lazarus that "even though we have never before met, I have always considered you as a father to me"?
17. Complete the quote: “Give him a big hand, ....”
he’s famous!
he’s Canadian!
he’s British!
he’s a hero!
18. Guy Fleegman joins the cast as a Security Chief in the new episodes of Galaxy Quest and finally gets a name. What is it?
‘Roc’ Ingersoll
Biff Anderson
Charles Carmichael
Dorn Yar
19. Which of the following is the name of a character from the Galaxy Quest TV show?
Fred Kwan
Tommy Webber
Tawny Madison
Jason Nesmith
20. Several actors got their first feature film appearance in Galaxy Quest. Which of the following did not appear in the film?
Corbin Bleu
Justin Long
Rainn Wilson
Zac Efron
21. Who said it? “I remember that sound. That's a bad sound.”
Sigourney Weaver
Tim Allen
Tony Shalhoub
Sam Rockwell
22. Who said it? “You know, with all that makeup and stuff, I actually thought you were smart for a second.”
Alan Rickman
Tim Allen
Daryl Mitchell
Tony Shalhoub
23. Who said it? “Did you guys ever watch the show?”
Sigourney Weaver
Sam Rockwell
Tony Shalhoub
Justin Long
24. Which of the following is not a name of one of the Thermians?
25. Complete the quote: “By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, __________”
I will avenge you!
you shall be avenged.
vengeance will be mine!
vengeance is upon you.

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