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How Well Do You Know: Friends, Season 1 Episode 16 and 17: The One with the Two Parts
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1. Who is working at the resturant where Joey and Chandler are having lunch?
2. What class does Ross have to go to?
Dinosaura 101
Introductory Fossils
The Beginning of an Era - Advanced Class
3. What TV show is the gang watching when Marcel steals the remote?
Full House
Home Improvement
Step By Step
Family Matters
4. What does Marcel do to the TV?
Changes the language to Spanish
Changes the language to German
Changes the language to Russian
Changes the language to French
5. What does Joey want to do that upsets Phoebe?
Gets a massage from another person
Dates her sister
Takes guitar lessons
Eats meat for a whole week
6. Why did Chandler bring in his coworker Nina to his office but instead ended up asking her out?
To fire her
To scold her
To ask her to get him a bagel
To tell her that his coffee was made incorrectly
7. What show is the episode spoofing having Leila Kenzle and Helen Hunt think that Phoebe is a waitress from their regular hang out spot?
Spin City
Mad About You
The Nanny
8. What is still hanging up at the girl's apartment?
New Years banners
Christmas lights
Thanksgiving decor
Halloween decor
9. Who says, "Knit, good woman, knit, knit!"
10. How does Chandler fire Nina?
With a fax
On their date
He just tells her in his office
He doesn't fire her
11. How does Rachel end up in the emergency room?
She trips over Phoebe's guitar
She has an allergic reaction to Monica's cooking
She falls off the balcony taking down decorations
She fell in the shower
12. Why do the girls switch identities at the hospital?
Monica accidently filled out the paperwork for herself
Rachel doesn't have insurance
Monica doesn't have insurance
They're bored
13. Ross had a dream that he was a football player and his baby was...?
The coach
The linebacker trying to sack him
The referee
The ball
14. Why can't Joey go to Phoebe's birthday party? ("What are the odds?")
He's taking Ursula out for her birthday
It falls on his mother's birthday
He has an audition for a play called, "The Birthday Boy"
It's Friday and he has a date
15. The two doctors that Monica and Rachel see are played by Noah Wyle and this famous celeb, who also played a doctor on a different show?
John Stamos
George Clooney
Hugh Laurie
Anthony Edwards
16. When Ross shows up to Phoebe's party, everyone shouts, "SURPRISE!" thinking he's Pheebs. What does he drop out of fright?
Phoebe's Present
Phoebe's Cake
Decorations for the party
17. Why is Joey sad after he returns from his date?
He got stood up
He didn't get any loving
He broke up with Ursula
He feels bad for what he did to Phoebe
18. Why is Marcel rushed to the emergency room?
He swallowed Risk pieces
He swallowed Monopoly pieces
He swallowed Scrabble pieces
He swallowed Sorry pieces
19. What do they believe Marcel was trying to spell when they retrieved 3 scrabble letters?
20. What's unusual about the closing credits scene?
It's backwards
It's animated
It's in Spanish
There's no audio

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